Look at Ruggedized Portable Computer that will help you

Ruggedized Portable Computer

First developed for the military, mobiles and tablets cured PC open to a multitude of professional applications, construction medically, through transport, distribution, and energy. Why this craze? How do they meet the needs of professionals? The requirements they meet?

Born multiple needs of industry and armaments, the market for Ruggedized portable computer has been known for 15 years a real boom. Like the portable consumer computers are no longer just confined to nomadic uses and often substitute to desktop computers, the market for laptops and rugged tablet PCs is also very wide. Originally designed for industrial and military applications, we now find of the use of the ruggedized portable computer in the medical field or in the transportation, construction and distribution.

Objective: To enable professionals in these sectors to benefit from advanced IT solutions, perfectly adapted to their work environment. Gage of its evolution, the market for laptops and tablets cured gradually opens further to the general public through the use of PC hardened under recreation such as hiking, skiing, etc.

Unlike laptops for individuals, ruggedized computers or tablets support environments and the most extreme weather conditions. Made housings meet robust MIL? STD 810x, an international standard originally introduced for the United States Army (Military Standard) to qualify the robustness of hardware, PCs, and ruggedized tablets do not fear the shocks, vibration, humidity, altitude, extreme temperatures or thermal shock. Besides their resistance in harsh environments, the quality of the screen provides perfect data visibility, day or night, whatever the conditions (rain, sun, dust, etc.).

Born of the defense sector needs, these solutions have multiple functionalities such as mapping of the battlefield or control of fire. Embedded in military vehicles or directly in the equipment of soldiers, hardened tablets allow the army to be in constant contact with their teams on the ground. Essential communication tools in high-risk situations, these devices hard skin have indeed been developed to ensure the continuity of the chain of information and Geographic Information System (GIS) in the most extreme conditions.

Serving the most innovative military technology, ruggedized laptops are a particular part of the project '' infantryman of the future ', which aims to significantly improve the capabilities of the fighter in the execution of its duties, with an equipment highly efficient, reliable and ergonomic, integrated communication and data transmission systems, video images etc.

If you work in a non-traditional environment, you may need something more robust than a standard laptop. Rugged laptops are living in difficult conditions and offer waterproof, dustproof and resistant to the fall of the computer, depending on the model. Review the rugged laptop models available to find the one that best meets your needs. Instructions

1 How you plan to use your laptop. This allows you to determine the necessary components, such as hard disk capacity, memory, graphics card and processor speed. If you only need to run basic business applications, an entry-level model may suffice. For intensive applications such as desktop publishing programs, you may need additional RAM and a high-quality graphics.

2 Consider where you plan to use the laptop to determine the type of strength you need. Some models are tougher than standard notebooks, offering some resistance to shock and dust. A semi-rugged notebook can provide a solution to work on a construction site. Fully rugged laptops come with a price tag, but they are virtually indestructible. Shockproof and almost waterproof, rugged laptops have screens that are visible in sunlight. A fully rugged notebook can provide a solution for working in outdoor areas and other harsh environments. Once the offer robust security encryption and robust semi for added protection.

3 Search for available models to determine which ones meet your needs. Factor in your budget, and get quotes from several retailers.

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