Last Minute Interior Design & Decor Tips to Get Your Home Party Ready

Celebration Mode Interior Decoration

Are you planning to host a get together this festive season? Or last minute weekend guests making you sweat? If that is the case, fret not. It might sound a nerve wrecking and daunting task for you to host a large number of people at the last minute. But whether it is a themed party for the festive season or outstation guests visiting you for a long weekend, a little planning and creativity can get your home ready for hosting family and friends in no time.

Here are a few easy peasy tips to get your home ready for guests without losing your mind:

1. Get extra Chairs for Dining Room

Most of us, especially the ones living in nuclear setups do not have a huge dining arrangement which makes dinner parties and guest hosting a challenge. Fortunately, there are various new chic and convenient options that can be of great help. Various innovative plastic chairs that come in multiple colours not just add a bit of glam to your room but can also be folded at stacked in your storeroom once the guests leave, and hence not take up a large space. You can consider investing in these chairs in multiple colours to make the room pop up with bright hues and match up with the festivities.

2. Bag some space

If your dining room or living room has an extra space, you can consider opting a small dining arrangement there. You can also consider having an extra table for kids to give them some space of their own and let the parents have some time mingling up without kids. Another option is to set up a small bar area in the corner of your extra space. This will definitely amaze your guests if they love to drink and your décor style and sense will be much appreciated.


3. Get the guest bedroom ready

A guest bedroom is like a breathing space of their own for your guests. So, make sure to change the bedsheets, put a bottle of water, a scented candle and a clean the bathroom. Keep a couple of night slippers and extra towels for going an extra mile for your guests. Consider having some extra seating arrangements for your guest bedroom.

A simple and sober interior design and decor of a guest bedroom by Shruti Sodhi Interior Designs

4. Have ample seating in the living room

Most of your guests will be gathered in the living room itself. So, keeping that in mind you can bring in some poufs and ottomans which are easy to move around and hardly take up any space. If you have more of kids and young adults you can have big sized cushions and create a seating arrangement on the floor. Make sure your seating arrangements are done in such a way that everyone gets to communicate and easily access the centre table where you will be serving drinks and snacks.

Living room with additional seating option - Shruti Sodhi Interior Designs


5. Bring in some fresh plants and flowers

You can give your home an instantly fresh feel by adding some greenery to the interiors. This not only adds a warm feel to your home but also adds texture and colour to an otherwise dull room. A small round flower arrangement on the dining table or a garland draped on the railings gives your home a festive feel instantly. This is the best way to make your home festival ready without burning a hole in your pocket.

Good Interior Design and Decoration of a Living Room with Plants - Shruti Sodhi Interior Designs

6. Redefine the curtains

According to some of the best interior designers who are running a few renowned interior design firms successfully, curtains of your house are the prime elements of interiors of your house. The curtains you choose dominate the entire look of your house. Make you’re your windows are designed with the latest fabrics and bright colours. Changing curtains can instantly sophisticate the look of your room. In case you are not willing to spend your money on purchasing new curtains, at least make sure they are cleaned and ironed before the guests come in.

Use of attractive curtains in a living roo

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