IT Helpdesk Chatbots Use Cases & Benefits

IT Helpdesk Chatbots Use Cases & Benefits

Customer interaction and communication are the key elements of any business relationship. For a business to grow and thrive, the communication channel between the organization and customers should be prompt and smooth. Lack of these aspects results in loss of business and erosion of existing customer base. According to Gartner, 85% of customer service interactions will be handled by chatbots. 

Customers reach out to the IT helpdesk for any issues regarding a product or a service. Signup, installation, troubleshooting, offboarding, or any other tech issue is handled by the IT department. Chatbots can be of help in such cases and they can be integrated across various channels and platforms from websites to various social media platforms. Chatbots are a very powerful tool available in the tech stack and help in addressing various IT challenges and achieving organizational efficiency and effectiveness. 

The scope of IT helpdesk chatbots is many. Some of the use cases are…

  • Better self-service. Most of the time IT support juggles the resolution of multiple tickets at the same time. IT helpdesk chatbots are very useful in such cases. Since these are programs, the solution is a logical way with multiple tickets that can be handled at the same time without delay. Since these chatbots are programmed to ask questions linearly and logically, they can respond with the most probable solution and where needed share relevant articles which can help resolve the query. The interaction between the chatbots and the customers happens in real-time, is consistent, and enhances customer satisfaction. Chatbots can answer or resolve basic queries and complex issues are generally transferred to the human IT helpdesk. 
  • Assigning tickets. Manual segmentation and sorting of tickets is a tedious and time-consuming task. IT helpdesk chatbots can be used to do this task methodically and easily using AI and machine learning. Chatbots can direct the user to the concerned department or helpdesk official via calls or messages sharing the details of the issue. 
  • Password resets. This is one of the most common issues faced by the customers and one of the most common reasons for raising a ticket. An IT helpdesk chatbot with AI capabilities can easily resolve the issue without involving the human helpdesk. 
  • Ticketing. AI-driven IT helpdesk chatbots can issue tickets based on queries or issues raised by customers and reroute them for resolution. This helps save valuable time for the human help desk and frees them from issues requiring human intervention. Chatbots help in decreasing the overall ticket volume.
  • Provisioning / Deprovisioning. This is another routine and a common service request raised by customers. Chatbots can analyze and segregate such queries based on the type and intent of the user, like job title, service type, product, and others. These can then either be resolved or passed on to the human helpdesk for further clarifications and resolution. 
  • Workflow automation. Repetitive tasks like routine service requests for change approvals, and password change requests have to be responded to and resolved quickly. Such tasks do not take up time, and service tickets can pile up as there are so many requests that can be handled by the human helpdesk. IT helpdesk chatbots can help resolve such queries quickly and efficiently because of automated workflow. Chatbots help in reducing wait times for customers and help human agents engage better.

Some reasons to use IT helpdesk chatbots….

  • It allows employees to focus on complex and critical work. By automating repetitive work and queries, human helpdesk focus can be more on critical issues and problems that cannot be solved by articles.
  • Improves employee experience. By allowing chatbots to take care of routine queries like raising tickets, and changing password requests, employees can focus on strategic tasks and help improve the employee experience.
  • Enhances customer experience. By addressing routine queries faster, customer experience is enhanced, while the brand image is also enhanced.
  • Chatbots are available 24/7. Regardless of the time, chatbots are accessible at any time in case of any customer query. Any ticket that cannot be resolved can be passed on to the human helpdesk later on for resolution.
  • With most level 1 and 2 queries resolved using chatbots, the number of human help desk agents can be reduced leading to cost optimization in the customer relationship department. 

IT helpdesk chatbots engage customers and increase customer satisfaction with a brand. They can be used to automate workflows, reduce the burden on the human helpdesk, generate leads, and streamline customer support. Deployment of IT helpdesk chatbots helps improve overall business operations and can benefit any business that has to address customer inquiries and resolve queries. They help customer-facing teams to focus on high-value tasks, enhance the brand experience, and navigate the digital business landscape with ease. 

Any organization looking to create intractable systems, and increase customer base and experience should call on an experienced IT helpdesk chatbot development company to achieve growth and provide an optimal brand experience to the customers.  

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