Importance of Testimonial Videos for Your Business

Importance of Testimonial Videos for Your Business

It is no surprise that video content is one of the most effective and impactful ways to convey your business message in the present digital marketing landscape. However, simply understanding this fact does not do you anything good! If you want to make the most out of these videos, you should know the ways to effectively use it. And in 2024, we believe that you should also focus on testimonial videos. For this, you can count on a reliable and experienced corporate video production company.

The Importance of Video Testimonials 

To fully understand the importance of testimonial videos, you should look at the two main words – testimonial and video. Testimonials, whether visual, auditory, or written, always have great value to your customers. Whenever people make any purchase, they explore social proofs from real users or unbiased sources. And testimonials provide that!

Videos, on the other hand, have quickly become one of the most effective mediums of content in digital marketing. Whether it is a live streaming event, product video, or simply a testimonial, videos engage users unlike any other popular medium. So, when you combine these terms, you will get something that will help you produce high returns. Consider the following numbers to understand why testimonial videos are important for you or any other business in this digital eon (this data is just indicative; kindly verify everything before getting into the same):

  • Around 65% of your targeted customers are inclined to visual learning
  • Nearly 64% of your web visitors are more likely to follow you or contact you after watching a testimonial video
  • More than 63% of online buyers might purchase your products if it has genuine ratings and reviews
  • Almost 90% of online buyers accepted that their buying decision is influenced by testimonials and online reviews

If you look at the testimonial videos in action, you will realize that they are the best way to get a high return, regardless of the industry.

Useful Ways to Create Better Testimonial Videos

The only problem with testimonial videos is that most of the businesses do not even know where they should start! The issue sounds familiar? Do not worry as we have collected some useful tips and best possible practices to push your efforts in the right direction. So, let us get started!

  1. Get in touch with some of your most satisfied customers: You have to be very selective when it comes to choosing customers for the testimonial videos. You surely do not want the only customer to volunteer. So, carefully find out the happiest customers you have and prepare some questions to ask them for a mock interview to see if they are genuinely interested in being featured in the video.
  2. Guide them without any script: When you follow a script, it does not look real. The only difference between successful and boring testimonial videos is giving your clients free rein to express whatever they want. If you still want to add a script, then make it as genuine as possible. Ideally, you should always give your customers a chance to speak from their hearts. You can also tell them about the script in advance so that everything looks real. You can check the testimonial videos of industry giants like Nike to see how well they have used the script in their celebrity testimonial videos. Simply put, you will need to show that your customers are not reading any script, but there is also something behind the camera to direct the right flow of conversation.
  3. Keep everything short and crisp. See! Nobody loves baseless and long stories. Some businesses think that putting multiple client testimonials together will add value, but in reality, they will not. An ideal testimonial video is only 2-3 minutes long. You can see the RoboVent videos to learn what makes a testimonial video successful. You should remember that ‘anything’ will only drop off the interest and focus of the potential buyers. So, keep it short and precise so that more and more people can stay connected with the video.
  4. Choose appropriate lighting and background: The last tip for you is to make sure you have appropriate lighting and background for the videos. Typically, there are two different strategies followed by most corporate video production companies – one includes the splicing of pictures between the product image and customer talking. Many leading brands use this approach in their videos. Second, you can have a video featuring the viewpoints of the customers. No matter which approach you choose, you must have good backgrounds and lighting. It is because poor lighting and shoddy background can ruin all your efforts.

Wrapping Up!

It is a smart idea to add testimonial videos to your marketing strategies. This is the smartest and new-age way to get the desired results from your efforts. So, what are you thinking! Give your strategies a modern jolt by contacting a professional corporate video production company for testimonial videos.

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