Top 10 Explainer Video Production Companies

Top 10 Explainer  Video Production Companies

Choosing the right company to make a video is essential for an explanatory video. Watch without delay the top 10 advertisers!

Before now, you've probably identified that animated video explainers are an excellent investment for your business. Bravo! But does something else bother you? You seem to have been tormented by sleepless nights, thinking about where to do it. Of course, a good video is an important goal.

But you are finding the ideal company to get the clarity of your animated video has become a real challenge. Therefore, once you have determined the right company to make your animation video exploder, your piece is created then and there!

By browsing the Internet, you will probably find some video production companies with varied skills. Of all these obstacles, finding the right company to produce animated explanatory videos for your business may be a little confusing. Do not be afraid! We are here to help. From our analysis, we have curated the list of the top ten animated explainer video companies on the market so far. With an excellent team, an outstanding portfolio, and experience in their field of work, these companies are your animation video production partners. Browse them right away

The best companies in explainer video development


With modesty and confidence, they believe that they are one of the best-animated video production companies with whom you can partner right now. Thanks to their experience with many companies and the creation of many explanatory videos, they are experts and specialized in unique and innovative animated videos.

With a large backup portfolio, we follow the detailed process of creating your animated video fixtures. From conception to final delivery, of animation, our creative puppeteers work hard to offer you a video you've always dreamed of. We believe that with a compelling story, any complex idea can be simplified creatively and engagingly. If you're financing a start-up, a corporate power plant or just someone with exciting ideas, we serve everyone.

Sandwich Videos 

Well, if the best choice is the live video for the tellers, there is no better ally than Sandwich Videos for you. But they have an outstanding number of known customers, explainer videos created by Sandwich can quickly catch the attention of viewers.

Sandwich Video has always had the time to impress its customers and their audience. And guess what? In addition to producing live explanatory video clips, Sandwich Video can also help you distribute videos on social media, public relations, and other resources.


With a refreshing and entertaining team that you can be proud of, Demoduck is without a doubt one of the leaders in video production today. Following their core values such as transparency, modest trust, boldness, curiosity and flexibility, they create not only high-quality explainer animated videos but also commercial videos, tutorial videos, company story videos, customer testimonials, educational videos, etc. Like every customer who presents them, the animated explainer video of Demoduck is nothing less than the best.


Thinkmojo is a video production company that believes in creating a brand experience with every video it creates. Their clients call them "spectator experience agencies" and work with all businesses, regardless of size. When it comes to videos, they try to experiment.

Thus, they create not only animated explanatory videos, but also educational videos, editorials, announcements, etc. Their video presents the commercial idea to the masses, simply and attractively. All of their videos make sense in business and reveal the secret of the business idea. Also, their work is always polished and of excellent quality.


Explainify is not just an animation company producing the video. They study your message, understand your audience, and then explain what you are doing. Having experience working in a variety of industries, such as technology, finance, health, etc., this video distribution company applies three concepts to which it always adheres; They evaluate video quality against all other parameters.

They understand the power video has storytelling. They know that every company has a USP for support, that is, a single solution does not work for video. With Explainify, as an explanatory video partner, the quality of the work is well established.

YumYum Video

Specialized in animated video clips, YumYum video is one of the leading manufacturers explainer videos. They create not only animated videos, but also internal videos, commercial videos, testimonial videos and company story videos. Their videos are fully customizable according to brand guidelines, which means that each video is different from the others.

At YumYum, each video they create is intended to give a new impetus to the company and make it different from others. If you need high quality animated explanatory videos for your business, you can watch the YumYum video.

Epipheo Studios

Being one of the pioneers of explanatory videos since 2009, Epipheo is used to create animated videos with an explanation of the highest quality. From conception to development, they understand the art and science of video shooting at every stage.

At Epipheo, they think that, first and foremost, people need to understand what a business is, why it counts and how it differs from others. These three factors are what they cover in their videos with an incredibly talented team.


Wyzowl, one of the leaders in producing animated video clips, produces animated explanatory videos, demo videos for the Internet and mobile devices, pre-motion videos, and more. Customers at every stage of their production process.

They trust what they do and have a broad portfolio to support their comments. Also, the customer can have direct contact with every person who works on their videos at Wyzowl S

Switch Video 

Switch Video is a video production company specializing in animation, animated graphics, and whiteboard explainers. With over ten years of experience in the video industry, whether your product is a little complicated or your business is a bit boring. They believe that with a beautiful story, any idea can be transmitted interestingly through the animated explainer video.

Blink  tower

As an expert in animated explainer videos for the last seven years, Blink tower has created an explainer video, and they are also involved in video creation for nonprofit organizations. All videos have straightforward scripts in terms that anybody can understand the content adequately.

The scripts are their top priority, and their works are inspired by funny videos watched online.

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