How to Choose the Best MBA College or PGDM Institute?

PGDM Institute

In the present business scenario, pursuing MBA or PGDM is extremely vital to ensure competency in management. It is one of the most sought after courses in the management industry. It boosts career prospects and gives new leadership talent to the companies and the industry.

Aspiring for MBA/ PGDM requires great effort and research in identifying the best PGDM institutes to build career. It requires deliberate planning and research to weigh the pros and cons of each college before zeroing in.

We have listed down a few parameters that can help you choose the best MBA College or PGDM institute to attain the requisite managerial skills:

Identify the programmes offered

While short-listing the MBA/ PGDM colleges, students must be very clear with the specialisation they want to pursue. After deciding the specialisation, they need to narrow down the institutes or colleges offering the courses they want to specialise in. For instance, if a student wants to pursue PGDM in International Business, he/she must look for the best colleges offering PGDM in International Business.

Additionally, the students must try to explore the curriculum of the course beforehand.  It helps them in considering the most suitable management colleges or B-schools.  

Ranking and affiliation

There are more than thousands of MBA/ PGDM colleges operating across the country but a very few are known for their credibility. While shortlisting the colleges, students must dig into the history of the college or the institute. They must find out whether it is affiliated or certified by a recognised government body like University Grant Commission (U.G.C.) or All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE).

Furthermore, the ranking of the B-school by a recognised and credible organisation also plays a vital role in its credibility. The students must go through the ranking of the B-schools along with the achievements and excellence awards won.

Learning approach

Study material and learning approach offered by MBA colleges or PGDM institutes are an integral part of any management course. Many institutes provide high-quality study material developed by industry experts that are filled with live industry examples and case studies. This helps in laying a strong foundation in the students’ management career. 

In order to enhance the learning experience of the students, many top-ranked B-schools deploy modern technological tools for accessing course materials, assignments submission and many other activities online that help the students in attaining strong managerial skills.

Placement and Internship opportunities

Placement and internship opportunities are the most important factor that comes into the mind of every student even before applying for MBA/ PGDM. They must check the placement record of the institute in order to ensure a secure career after the course. Find out the recruiters associated with the b-school you are planning to study in.

Another important factor is to look for the internship opportunities that the MBA / PGDM College offer. Summer internships are extremely important for students to get industry exposure. In addition, students must also look for B-schools that organize networking events where students get the opportunity to interact with industry leaders.

Fee and infrastructure

Fee and infrastructure of the B-school are crucial for selecting the best MBA College. The fee of MBA colleges or PGDM institute is usually higher than other courses. Thus, students must consider it before finalising one. They should compare the fee structure, infrastructure, facilities offered by B- schools. Even if the fee is higher, they should never compromise to study in a good college because of the ROI (return on investment) that they are going to get right after completing their MBA/ PGDM.

If the evaluated ROI is good, students can go for education loan or other ways out to pursue their studies and brighten up their future.

There is no apparent structure to find out the best MBA college or PGDM institute. Students need to do their own research on the basis of academics and professional achievements of the MBA college or PGDM institute.  They need to identify the desires that the institute is going to fulfil after completing the course, whether it is money, reputed job or impeccable leadership and managerial skills. They must think critically about each factor before breaking into the doors of any MBA college or PGDM institute.

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