How to Prepare for Old Age

How to Prepare for Old Age
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There’s no escaping it; old age will come to us all. Try as we might, running from ageing is impossible.

But, we can prepare for it. Old age will stop looking so menacing with a few lifestyle changes and planning.

You’ll want to stay fit and healthy for your family. You’ll want to keep up with your grandkids. You’ll want to live your life to the fullest with little discomfort. You can achieve all this with some planning, so here are seven ways to prepare for old age.

Prepare your home

Every year in the UK, over two million people visit A&E because of accidents in their homes. To ensure you’re not one of them, it’s time to access your home.

Are there trip hazards in your home? Are your steps steep and daunting? Do you need handrails in the bathroom?

You should never feel unsafe in your home. Think what can be done to help you, for example, get a stairlift installed, consider moving to a bungalow, hire help with cleaning or cooking.

Write a will

Over 60% of people don’t have a will in the UK. This can cause a real problem for your family if you sadly pass before writing one.

A will is a vital legal document that all adults should have. It will outline what should happen to your possessions, property, and money after you die.

Anyone can write a will, but help from a solicitor is recommended. Your will also must be witnessed and signed to make it legally valid.

Put your health first

As we age, the chance of developing a health issue increases. Conditions such as heart disease, osteoporosis, and cancer (to name a few) are all a greater risk for older people.

To combat these issues, pay attention to what you put into your body. Choose foods that are good for your heart and cholesterol levels. Also, keep alcohol consumption to the recommended amount and consider quitting smoking.

Plus, it’s good to have a strong relationship with your doctor. Attend all your routine screenings, and don’t be afraid to make an appointment if you feel something is wrong. There are many tests your doctor can perform to check your health. For example, if your family has a history of heart disease, ask for a transthoracic echocardiogram to keep your mind at ease.

Take care of your teeth

Continuing from the above point, your chances of developing gum disease also increase with age. 70% of people over 65 have this health condition.

To reduce your chances of developing this disease, ensure you’re brushing your teeth at least twice a day. Also, make sure you floss at least once to avoid plaque build-up.

If you have dentures, keep an eye on how they fit. If they feel loose and uncomfortable, report this to your dentist.

Look after your feet

From the top of your body to the bottom – don’t forget about your feet. Good foot health can prevent troubling conditions such as corns, calluses and bunions, but it can also help you avoid falls.

Ensuring you have quality, supportive shoes are a great first step (get it?) for improving foot care. Pick shoes that support all areas of your foot with breathable fabric and a cushioned sole. Also, avoid slip-on shoes – instead, pick shoes that securely fit on your feet with help from laces, Velcro, or buckles.

In addition to suitable footwear, get acquainted with your feet. Check-in on them regularly, noting what is sore or looks different. Moisturise them consistently and ensure you’re cutting your nails in a straight line.

Stay active

Exercise is proven to help all aspects of your life. From keeping health conditions at bay, improving mental health, and boosting confidence, exercise is a powerful tool in anyone’s life.

You might think that exercise is a young man’s game – however, you’d be wrong. There are workouts for every level, alterations for every injury, so there’s no excuse not to get active.

Plus, getting active doesn’t just mean doing workouts; you can get active while still having fun. For example, you get plenty of exercise from golfing, gardening, and walking.

Make friends

Lastly, don’t underestimate the power of friendship. It’s all too common for people over 50 to feel lonely, but this doesn’t have to be your future.

Losing friends is part of life. People grow, and circumstances change. People you might have been close to in your workplace might have drifted from your life. Your family might have moved away. Watching your support group dwindle can feel scary.

However, there are plenty of ways older people can maintain and make friendships. There is something for everyone with local social groups – from knitting clubs to fishing tournaments. Check with your local community centre or town hall to see what is available to join.

Be prepared

Try as you might; you can’t escape ageing. It’s something that will happen to us all – often springing upon us before we realise!

Old age doesn’t mean your life is over – there’s still plenty left to live! These tips will help you prepare for the future and all it brings.

Remember, you’re just like a bottle of wine, only getting better every year!

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