How to Measure the Perfect Wig Size

Considering the right wig size is essential to ensure you end with a comfortable fit. If you are planning to buy a wig for yourself or for anyone else, then the first and most important thing is to make sure it is well-fitted and apt in size. So, before I explain you the steps to measure your head to get a perfect size, first let me know you about the various measurements available in the market.

As far as wigs are concerned, they are available in different measurements and sizes, being Average, Petite, Large, and Small. Glance below to know the various details about each of them.

Large – These wigs have a circumference of 23 inches. Their dimension from front to nape is 15.5 inches and from ear to ear across distinct hairline is 12 inches. The temple to temple dimension of this hair wig is 16.7 inches, while that from ear to ear over the top is 14 inches. Since this is a largely sized wig, so the dimension for neck nape is approximately 6 inches.

Average – With a circumference of 22.5 inches, these wigs possess dimension front to the nape of 14.5 inches. The ear to ear front hairline dimension is 11.5 inches and the temple to temple dimension is 15.5 inches.  The nape of the neck is around 5 inches, which is an average size for most of the individuals.

Petite – The total circumference dimension for this type of wig is 21 inches. This is a small sized wig that is ideal for individuals with small head size. The dimensions from front to nape are 13.6 inches. There might be slight variations in this wig regarding the ear to ear across front hairline of 10.8 inches. The temple to temple size is 14.5 inches, and the neck nape dimension is 4.5 inches.

Steps to Measure the Perfect Wig Size

Step 1 – Pull up your hair and keep them away from your face. Secure all the pulled hairs with a clip or band. You can form a pony or make a high knot with the help of a rubber band. If you have a short length of hair, then you can use a cloth head to hold your hair back.

Step 2 – Now take one cloth tape or measurement tape and drape the cloth tape around your head back. Reach to the end of your skull to a point. This is the point where the wig will end. Take the end of the tape and place it at the center of the front hairline. Make sure that you cover the overall area and the measurement is right above the head ‘circumference.’

Step 3 – In this step, you need to measure the dimension from forehead to nape. For this, you need to place the tape at the midpoint of the hairline, till the neck nape. If there is less hair on your head, then you must place till an inch below the small bone at the skull bottom.

Step 4 – Now take the ear to ear dimension and place the end of the tape a few inches above the crease. Measure the area between the two ears and the head. During this step, you need to measure the distance between the two ears through the head.

Step 5 – To measure the circumference of the head you can begin the tape by placing it at your hairline from the center of the forehead. You need to run the tape around, and measure the distance behind the ears. You need to pass the tape through the hairline and back till the middle of the forehead.

Step 6 – To measure the dimension from temple to temple, you need to begin the measurement from the temple and measure around the back of the head so that you can reach to the other temple.

It is essential to consider the frame of your body and to identify the volume of your hair so that you identify the accurate size of the head. Also, if you are not able to carry the steps on your own, then it is better to go for expert assistance. The hair experts can help you measure the accurate size of the head. Also, if your overall body size is heavy or large, then this will create an impact on the size of your head. If in case you are not able to avail appropriate results or you are in an urgent need of a hair wig, then the best option is to go for adjustable hair wigs.

The adjustable wigs are available with unique features, like soft buckle size tabs or Velcro, which makes it convenient to adjust them according to the actual size of the head. These adjustable wigs can be adjusted to 1-inch dimension, to offer you maximum comfort.

It is important to go for a wig that fits your head well. A comfortable fit is essential particularly when you wish to wear the wig for a long time period. You can always check online for the reputed companies and then buy a wig that is exact to your head size.

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