How to Make Thick Hair Thinner

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We all want things we don’t have. People with curly hair want straight hair, people with brown hair want blonde hair, people with thin hair want thick hair and people with thick hair want thin hair. Today, we will talk about thick hair and how you can make them look thinner. If you are blessed with thick hair then you probably know that there are numerous benefits to having thick hair. However, good things come bad things as well. We all know that thick hair can become poufy and unmanageable. If you have this type of hair then today is your lucky today because we will tell you a few tips by which you can thin out your thick hair. Read down below to find out more.

Use shears to cut your hair

Hairstyles are very important in how your hair turns out. It can easily make your hair from perfect to being a disaster. One tip to always keep in mind is that always ensure that your stylist uses shears or a razor when cutting your hair. This will not only thin out your hair but will also make them more manageable. Moreover, the appearance of frizz can also be reduced. Always select a haircut that will be manageable for your hair type.

Add a hair mask to your hair care routine

Always incorporate hair masks into your hair care routine. There are many hair masks nowadays that address specific hair problems. If your hair tends to get frizzy or rough, always use a hair mask. Moreover, hair masks can leave your hair moisturized and hydrated. Hair masks usually have instructions on how to apply and use them. Always follow the instructions for optimized benefits.

Use cool water for washing your hair

Hair should never be washed with hot water. Always wash your hair will cool water. Hot water is known for stripping the skin and the hair of essential oils, resulting in dull lifeless hair and skin. Moreover, hot water can also result in frizzy hair. So make sure the next time you go into the shower you don’t use hot water.

Select shampoo and conditioner wisely

The products you use on your scalp can affect your hair texture. Always select smoothing shampoo and conditioner for your thick hair. Moreover, there are many hair care products that address the problems related to thick hair. stay away from volumizing products as they will have your hair even bigger.

Use hair cream before you blow dry

Do you know what the worst about having thick hair? It’s when you blow dry your hair looking perfect, and after some time, pouf! All the effort and time has gone to waste. This is why always use a hair cream before your blow dries your hair. It will not only smoothen out your hair but will also keep the blow dry last longer. Also look for a hair cream that also has heat protection as you don’t want to damage your hair from the heat.

Use hairspray

One step that should always be taken whether we’re wearing makeup or have just styled our hair is using a setting spray. A hairspray will keep your hair in place and will also make them appear shinier. Always spray a foot away from your head for best results.

Straightening hair can help

Straightening your hair with a flat iron can take out the hair causing them to appear smoother and sleeker.  However, one thing to keep in mind is always to wear a heat resistant so that your hair does not damage from the heat. Moreover, people with thick hair should stay away from curls as they will make your hair appear even bigger. Use a serum after straightening your hair for a smoother and a sleeker look.

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