How Local SEO Is Beneficial for Small Businesses


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) gives a chance to small businesses to stand firmly in the market and to compete with the big brands. Today, there is a trend of searching every product or service on the search engine, and when your website is displayed at the top position on certain keyword phrases it attracts the attention of the internet users. By this, your site further gets the leads. If your website provides what the visitors want, the leads may convert to the sales.

Whether you need national or global SEO, or you should go for local SEO, it depends upon your type of business. But, usually, the local SEO proves to be more advantageous for small businesses. The fact is confirmed by the statistics, which suggests that a large volume of business comes from the local searches. According to the statistics presented by Search Engine Land and Business 2 Community:

  • 96% of desktop owners conduct local searches.
  • 46% of all Google searches are local.
  • 64% of local customers find search engines and directory as their prominent way to find the local businesses.
  • 50% of local mobile searchers look for business information.
  • 78% of local mobile searches outcome in an offline purchase.

So, it is clear that local searches are very important for small businesses. In the case of big brands, it is a well-known fact that they have national or global customers; so, the above-mentioned data prominently applies to small businesses.

Let’s find out benefit the small businesses get through local SEO:

1.Compete with the Big Brands

As mentioned before also, SEO is a way, which allows the small businesses to compete with the big brands. For most of the users, who rely on the search engines, the thing that matters is what benefits them instead of which brand is offering it.

You can get ranked above the big brands on certain keywords and can get the attention of the users.

2.Builds Online Reputation

SEO is a great way to build an online reputation. First of all, you have to build a great website in order to get the ranking, which itself is a source of great reputation. Besides, you add written content, videos, and social media stuff, which is capable to tell people your hold in the area in which you are dealing. When people get useful information from your side, you gain their trust.

On the other hand, the websites, which are ranked on the top positions, are often considered as reputed websites by the users. In addition to this, your businesses are listed in the search engine directories like Google My Business and Bing Places, which is one more source of the reputation for your websites.

3.Cost Effective Way to Advertise

SEO is not the form of expensive advertising. You can start it by yourself free-of-cost, but it is highly recommended to hire a digital marketing agency. The reason is that if you make some mistake, your website can be penalized by Google.

Even when you hire some digital marketing agency, you have to pay very less amount as compared to the TV, radio or print media advertising. In SEO, you just need to pay bucks for the deal you do with your SEO partner.

4.Get Your Location Listed in Maps

Google Maps or Bing Maps are great ways for users to reach businesses. In the SEO process, your business is listed to these directories, which enhance your scope. First, the people who search from the nearby locations get the idea that you are nearby, so the chances of getting the business increase.

On the other hand, smartphone users get ease in reaching your place with the help of GPS systems on their mobile devices.

5.Long Term Results

Unlike the paid advertising methods, the SEO may provide you the long term results. Advertising works until you have paid for it. But, in the case of SEO, your websites are raised on the organic search, which can work even if you are not working on the process. Besides, your listing in search engine directories and maps is permanent, which gives you the long term results.

To Sum Up

The above-mentioned benefits are sufficient to confirm that the small businesses must go for local SEO services for beating the big competitors, for building a good reputation in the market and to get the businesses with cost-effective methods of promotion.

You need to contact a digital marketing agency in order to get the full benefits of SEO.

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