How Individual Efforts can Actually Help Save the Rainforest

How Individual Efforts can Actually Help Save the Rainforest

You’ve probably read a few articles about the damage mankind has made to our precious rainforests and thought, “This is terrible, but what can I actually do?” And that’s a fair question, we’ve all been there. True, governments and organizations are a big part of saving the rainforests but we as individuals can all contribute in our own way wherever we are. And the difference will be noticeable.

Stop eating the rainforest!

Wait, what? You’re not actually eating the trees in your own home, but plenty of the food items in your fridge or cupboards are part of a long train of events that can be traced right back to the deforestation of our major rainforest land and habitats. Things like beef, soya beans, and invasive palm oil are all incredibly invasive food sources that have a big impact on our vital climate change ally, the rainforest.

The biggest change you can make for our planet is cutting down on the amount of meat you eat, period. Or try to buy from local farmers to break that chain of events into something a little more environmentally friendly. Selecting sustainably grown items and products is also a nice way to show big food corporations that it’s time to end the sorts of agriculture that cause mass deforestation.

Be picky

Buy products that are created in responsible ways, or get thrifty and choose second hand, and invest in recycled materials when you have to indulge the need for new things. It’s not just agriculture that’s harming places like the Amazon rainforest, it’s mining for metals, minerals, and ores that go into our smartphones and home appliances. And even things we might think are sustainable, like wood, are sometimes not as good as they might seem. So steer clear of ‘tropical hardwoods’ like mahogany, rosewood, or ebony in furniture or products. Chances are that if you’re a little picky with your shopping you’ll probably end up with a better product but also help ease the rainforest's resources.

Buy a little, give a lot

These days there are loads of really ethical companies who work with or donate to environmental and conservation causes. With a little research, you can ease your conscience a little by buying from companies that will give back to the environment. And when it comes to buying things like gifts why not get someone a Milkywire gift donation instead of a physical item? That way you’re supporting environmental causes working on the front line 24/7 to protect places like the rainforests on our behalf.

Cut your carbon footprint

Saving energy, traveling by bus, switching to green energy, flying less, buying less… there are so many ways you can cut your carbon footprint. As our rainforests shrink, it’s on us to help reduce net emissions in the atmosphere to balance the equation and halt climate change as fast as we can.


It’s especially important right now to help keep the plight of the rainforest in the public eye. To share information, write to news channels, post facts on your social channels… fly the flag for our rainforests so that people don’t have a chance to forget just what we’re up against.

Get involved

If you want to get your hands dirty and perhaps make some great new friends, many charities and organizations are always happy for extra pairs of hands. Maybe you’re good with a camera, can edit a social media film, speak a couple of languages, and can translate articles like this one? If you want instant green karma points, nothing beats volunteer work.

Host a fundraiser

Another great way to capitalize on the power of the crowd is to host a fundraiser in your local community, or school. You can even do one online, perhaps you have a sporting event like a 10K run or bike ride where your family, friends and coworkers can sponsor your efforts. Giving the proceeds to the organizations working towards rainforest protection is a sure-fire way to make sure that donation goes right to the heart of the action. And it’s fun. Well, maybe not the running part.

For many of us, the rainforests are a long way away from our own lives, but the impact these magnificent habitats have on humanity cannot be overstated. They’re a part of the air we breathe and have such a huge role to play in combating climate change. Hopefully, you’ll be able to action a few of the tips in this article and join the collective fight for the survival of our rainforests.

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