3 Things to Avoid to Keep Your Best Employees

3 Things to Avoid to Keep Your Best Employees

Working in the restaurant industry is tough regardless of your position.

All staff needs to be a team in order for restaurant operations to go smoothly.

As a manager, you understand that your employees all have different strengths and respond differently to certain things.

3 Ways to Ensure Your Hardest Working Employees Stick Around

Maybe you’re worried that you might be doing something to cause discontent among your employees.

That’s okay, everyone makes mistakes.

So here are 3 things you can avoid doing in the future to make sure your top employees are happy.

1. No Disrespect

Nothing causes frustration quicker than being disrespected. Respect is something you can give those hard-working employees that will go a long way in making them feel comfortable in their job.

One of the biggest signs of disrespect is lecturing an employee in front of other employees or, even worse, in front of customers. It’s in poor taste to tell employees what they’ve done wrong in front of an audience. Pull them aside and quietly discuss what they need to fix privately.

You can also take their suggestions for things such as upgrades to restaurant equipment.

Employees work with restaurant equipment the most. If they tell you the commercial refrigerators aren’t running well anymore, check them out and purchase new ones.

In turn, employees will feel respected and more involved in the company.

2. Lacking Empathy

We’ve all worked for that manager that’s never done the job we’re currently doing or they’ve forgotten what it’s like to do that job.

It can be very irritating when a manager lacks understanding for the hardships of the employee. Empathy can go a long way in helping you keep your all-star employees.

How do you avoid a lack of empathy?

The first step is by listening to their complaints. Listen when they tell you something they’ve found difficult. Help them out if you can.

When the restaurant is busy, servers might not have time to bus their tables immediately, for example. If you have the time, clear the table off and wipe it down for them.

Not only are you helping the restaurant to run smoothly, but you’re also showing your employees that you understand they’re busy and you’re willing to help rather than merely telling them to hurry up.

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3. Focusing Solely on the Negatives

Have you ever had a boss that only pointed out what you did wrong? Everyone has and you should try to avoid being that type of manager.

When an employee does something above and beyond the call of duty, let them know that you’re aware of it and that you appreciate it.

This can be as simple as a “thank you.”

If they get a positive review from a customer, tell them about it. This ensures that everyone is happy and that customers will keep receiving stellar service in the future.

Happy Employees Make the Restaurant Run at its Best

The bottom line is that keeping your employees happy will make your restaurant a great place for you, them, and your customers.

When employees feel appreciated and respected, they work at their best and provide great customer service.

Happy employees mean a smooth operating restaurant.

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