Developing Good Habits to Promote Healthy Working Relationships

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In the perfect world, offices are made up of employees who work together every day in perfect solidarity using their talents and skills to achieve corporate goals. But unfortunately, in a real office, such scenario rarely happens.

Sometimes, work conflict happens. Whether it’s a personal conflict among employees or a disagreement over ideas, conflict causes tension in the office. And while it’s avoidable, and its effect can differ, their consequences can significantly affect the entire team, or worse, the company.

While it’s impossible to craft a one-size-fits-all kind of solution for all work related issues in existence, it’s possible to create a practice that can help prevent the creation of such issues. One good way to promote a good and healthy working relationship in the office is by encouraging employees to develop good habits.

How Are Good Habits Formed?

As cited by Brian Tracy, habits are formed from intense emotions created from a decision or a series of actions. The intense sadness, anger or happiness that a person feels from a certain event can cause them to develop a habit that they can bring with them throughout their lives.

The time period in which a habit is developed varies from a few minutes to several years. Whether this habit remains or eventually changes also depends on the person.

What Good Habits Can a Person Develop to Create Good Working Relationships?

You don’t have to develop big habits to create good working relationships at work. Even small ones can do the trick. Here are a few small habits you can develop to make good working relationships with your colleagues:

Saying Good Morning

Okay, this doesn’t mean that you have to constantly say good morning to everybody in your office building. But at least greet the person near your cubicle or your boss or even the lady guard who doesn’t run out of compliments to make your day. Saying good morning with a smile makes sunny days brighter.


Let’s face it, office life may be a little boring. If there were two moods every office has, it would be stressed or boring. Regardless of whether you’re feeling stressed or lazy in your cubicle, adding a little spice to your everyday routine such as throwing a joke or two can turn a bad day around.


The workload is often overwhelming and stressful for most employees in offices. But there will times when your daily task is significantly lesser compared to the person in your team. If you can, helping out your team member in their tasks can be a great way to lessen their stress while also promoting a good collaborative relationship with them.


Proper communication, good manners, and a sincere smile – those three are the main ingredients to professionalism and politeness. It shows that you're in a good working disposition and speaks a lot about who you are as an employee. Politeness doesn't cost anything anyway. Be generous in showing it.

These four habits may not be much when looking at the bigger picture, but they can promote a positive atmosphere in the office. Aside from developing these habits, a professional development coach can help facilitate the team and show them what could be done to promote a healthy working relationship.

Having the team undergo self-management training can also be helpful as it can help promote a good working relationship, effective decision-making, and better communication. Although individual efficiency and quality output are important in work, remember that making sure that your employees achieve a healthy working relationship is one of the best types of investment you can make. 

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