How to frame your Local SEO Marketing Strategies

Local SEO

I am new in the city & want to have my favorite Expresso, but how and where? I am wondering. Wish business owners follow local SEO marketing here as I have the great option but to search for this online.

Well, this is the best way to find yourself that great cup of Expresso by searching for it online on the basis of the location where you stay and typing in the keyword Expresso.  As you do so, you get a great list of places where you get enticing Expresso to reboot your day close to your location as you needed. You might browse through all the options but most likely is that you will go through the first three search options. This search result is generally referred to as the local pack which gives the results locally which is closest to your search query and a websites coming in this listing generally adds your local SEO marketing campaign.

Local SEO Marketing benefiting you

Local SEO off-late has started to gain a lot of importance owing to the enormous SEO benefits that are yours for the taking.  Also, people feel they have the added advantage with local SEO of physically checking the result by visiting the place. So it gives the impression of being more trustworthy. From the point of view of business, Local SEO is very pertinent to the fact that it easily noticed by the footfall of the store too. The rise of the traffic is indicative that yes your Local SEO is working for you.

When planning a Local SEO marketing exercise we have to make a game plan as to how one should go about doing about it.  One must keep in mind that local businesses are generally small and not like big business houses having innumerable businesses under them. They are more connected to the man walking down the road, thus his needs need to be met as he is your target customer, we need to catch him. Your target customer could be impressed by a hawker who could just shout out to him and grab his attention. You need to outsmart this hawker by being on top of the online search results and making him realize that you are the best and the only solution to his need. Making you known amidst search engines for the particular service locally is the catch that Local SEO marketing campaign achieves for you and in turn pushes in business towards you.

Let us study how best you can attract and retain this customer of yours in the best possible manner and make Local SEO marketing work for you where you see enhancement for your business. There are a few simple yet very critical things which need to be followed to make your Local SEO campaign and website ready.

Local SEO Marketing Strategy at Your Finger Tips

  • Establish your Google my business page:

To begin your Local SEO strategy you must create your Google My business page. What is Google My Business, you must be wondering? This is a totally freely available very user-friendly tool used by businesses, organizations, and institutions to manage themselves online. This is generally notifying their existence to the online world so that they can perfectly manage them and show to the world that you exist as well as showcase what all you can offer to the world. Adding to this further you can also show Maps and search options. By placing verified and up to date information regarding your business, you can assist your potential customers to find you and reach you without any hassle and with absolute ease. Not just this you can even write a few lines for your business too telling the people all about what you do. It’s a great way of interacting with your present and previous customers as well. Let’s talk about what benefits are there if you are on my Business Page.

  1. You can manage your information-You can easily manage the information that Google users can see about your business products and services that you offer. One must remember that people value Google a lot and it is considered that anything on Google has a good reputation. So let this aspect work to your advantage. Also when you are there on the Google my business page  information  like your
    • Hours  of operation,
    • Your website,
    • Your street address and everything that will make your customer informed with ease is conveyed. Also, another thing to be kept in mind is that whatever information you give should be the same which you give anywhere online as well on the internet so that a discrepancy and confusion does on arise at any moment.
  2. Interact with your customers-you can read what customers have to say about your products. You can reply to their comments and have a conversation there. You can add a photo and you can easily see a rise in requests there and people will ask you for more queries and would like to have a conversation with you.
  3. You can analyze and expand customer base visiting you: a complete analysis can be carried here on the people visiting through my business as to how many called directly after seeing your phone no. on local search results page, maps and the search page. Also moving forward if it suits you can easily create an AdWords campaign where you can easily track the performance of the campaign and also spread information on your business and your work.
  4.  Go the mobile way-One must go the mobile way. You must download my business mobile app and update all the information online sitting anywhere and keep everything updated there so that local SEO marketing can get you your customers and enhance your reach.
  • Get your business listed in the local listing Page:

Get the company listed in all the local listings if possible. You can use the services of companies like Yext etc. This is, of course, a paid directory but as it says the more the better. In fact, you can manually list your websites in directories like Yelp, Angie’s List, Yellow Pages, FourSquare, BBB, Kudzu etc.

But the only word of caution is that you follow a consistency in all the channels that you make a profile. All these platforms will ask for your business name, phone number, address, description, categories as well as social profiles.

  1. This information must be accurate.
  2. This information must exactly be the same in all the channels. If you are logging in a new channel it should be the same as the previous channels previous listings, this we are reiterating again.
  3. You can carry out manual submissions and automated submissions as well for listing. The difference being those manual submissions will be easy on your budget whereas with the automated listing you can carry out the listing in a couple of directories in lesser time thus accentuating your local media marketing exercise as a whole.
  • Get some great reviews:

Word of mouth and reviews have always played a great role especially when it comes to suggesting someone for business. It becomes very comforting for a person if he gets a review that a particular company is good and is safe to do business with.

Many times you have had a great working experience with a company and you share a great working relationship. In such a situation you can silently take the liberty of asking the company for a nice rating like a 5-star rating, which will work perfectly for you and your business in times to come. Here it will no doubt leave a great impression and make you choose as a business partner and do business with you. Well, generally it is considered that people leave a review when they are unhappy with a service. However, in Local SEO marketing, this makes it work the other way for you. Let it earn you new Business as the geographic of a place can work for you. Here word of mouth works and your potential customer can simply walk into your office too.

  • On page optimization should be just perfect: 

For SEO to perfectly work for any website the on-page optimization with all the tags should be just perfect, the descriptions everything should be effectively done so that they can add to your ranking and get you the traffic that you want. Also, let us just remind you of a few SEO principles that you must follow to expedite your local SEO marketing here:

  1. Get good quality backlinks to your website
  2. Publish genuine and good content
  3. Always Follow White hat SEO strategies
  4. Write genuine informative blogs and articles on other websites as part of article syndication exercise.
  • Very specific and location specific Keyword search:

A very strategic keyword research needs to be carried out so that the customer reaches you instantly. We are all aware that the local SEO strategy works keeping in mind the location of the place.  By this we mean don’t forget to add the name of your location to your keyword, this is utterly important.

To give you an example if you are looking for a men’s salon in Rochester then you can find many in Rochester but if you want one just next to your house then you have to be more specific. Like Jefferson Road is the place you stay in Rochester then your local SEO tips will guide you to target the keyword as affordable men’s salon Jefferson road Rochester. This is the kind of keyword targeting we do for you to keep your local SEO marketing in top position.

  • Get Schema data:

Local SEO marketing is a little caught up with language constraints as at times websites are written in a different language. To counter this one must incorporate the local business schema so that it can be easily picked by Google and you are not left behind in achieving ranking. The information on the schema code is available over the internet. Do incorporate this for your page and see the traffic coming.


Local SEO marketing is also continuously evolving by the minute like any other SEO campaign strategy. However, the premise of local SEO services for your business and in fact for every business remains the same.  All you need to be is open to accept newer things and keeping yourself abreast with the newer aspects happening in the world of local SEO businesses so that your business does not get left out and you become an unrivaled king.

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