How Different Is React Native from Reactjs

React Native and React js

If you are a beginner, it might be quite difficult for you to make a difference in the middle of Reactjs vs React Native? Which to choose and which to leave out? Is it possible to reuse Reactjs code in React Native? Here, we will discuss the difference between React Native and Reactjs. 


Both React Native and Reactjs share a good name in the market for a good reason: the native is based on Js. Both set up by Facebook, are essentially open-sourced frameworks based on Javascript. Unexpectedly, developers use each of them to greatly different ends. The baseline is - if you’re setting up to build a Web app, choose with React and if you’re making a mobile app, React Native would be the right choice for a business. 

What is React?

React is an open-source JavaScript library often employed in creating fast and reliable User Interfaces (UI) for web apps.

Where did React come from?

Facebook, wishes to get a better user experience on the website and is required to optimize the increasingly complex dynamic UI to work quickly and smoothly. Software engineer Jordan Walke working at Facebook has created a prototype of what would soon turn React – FaxJS – in 2011.

Quickly, it has enjoyed great support from supporters who appreciate scalability and usefulness. More factor is contributing to its fame is licensing: an open-source MIT license implies that React is free for commercial or personal use and every developer has the right to change it as they find it a better choice. Hire ReactJs developers who are professional and aware of the new market trends. 

What is React Native?

Product of Facebook, React Native is an open-source JavaScript framework that is commonly used for the development of cross-platform (iOS and Android) native mobile applications. Applications based on React Native have 100% native UI and do not experience limitations linked with previous frameworks. 

Facebook quickly approved the steady increase of mobile requirements and in 2015 unconfined the React Native framework. In its place of focusing on HTML, React Native has been planned to make mobile apps work more flawlessly and modernize the process of development. Hire React Native developers to answer the project needs in the best way. 

It is important to know the difference between react Js and react native. Here, we will discuss the top benefits. 

Benefits Associated with ReactJS

Easy to Use and Learn

ReactJS is rather simple to use and learn. Any developer who comes from a JavaScript background can easily know and begin creating a web application with the help of apps following React.

Creating active Web Applications Turns Easier

Now, creating a dynamic web app particularly with ReactJS turns easy which was tricky earlier and needs complex coding. Here, less coding is required and promises functionality. 

Reusable Components

A ReactJS web application is prepared of numerous components, and each constituent has its controls and logic. These components can be used again when you require them. The reusable code assists to make the application simple to maintain and develop. 

Performance Enhancement

ReactJS gets better performance due to the practical DOM. The React Virtual DOM exists completely in memory and is a true representation of the DOM web browsers. This is the prime reason when we write a React component, we do not write straight away to the DOM. Moreover, we are writing virtual elements that react will turn into the DOM, resulting in faster and smoother performance. 

The Support of Handy Tools

ReactJS assists with a handy set of tools that make the job of the developers easier and perfect to understand. It lets you choose specific components and examine and edit their present terms. 

Benefits of React Native

Easy to learn for developers

Developers who were previously aware of JavaScript, or even better – React – have a simple time to learn React Native.
Single Code for different platforms

It shares a single codebase for iOS, Android, and more which calls for quick development of multiple platform applications. 

Large & helpful area

The active group of developers who are working in React Native create the best quality informational content that is easy to avail online. Developers can easily join a Facebook group with more than 45,000 members. 

Key Points of React Native to consider

According to the professional developers, React Native still lacks personalized and platform-focused modules, so you may end up requiring a native developer who can create them for your development. The navigation isn’t measured very smoothly and the engine of animation isn’t that powerful. Before following the platform, it is essential to read all the advantages and disadvantages. 

Keep in mind that not every programming tool will be right for every project. Therefore, it is essential to read the comparison of react-native vs reactjs carefully. 

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