How to Create Podcast Landing Page that Builds your Podcast Audience

How to Create Podcast Landing Page that Builds your Podcast Audience

Get More Subscribers.

This is probably one of the important goals for every podcaster out there. The ones who not just listen to the podcasts, but also tune in to every one of our episodes.

And as a content creator, it becomes our responsibility to make it easier for potential listeners to find our content and subscribe. Podcast landing pages come in handy when you are looking for ways to promote the podcast. Why do you need a podcast landing page?

  • Build the email list
  • Offers an opt-in incentive
  • Establishes a home for the podcast
  • Encourage engagement
  • Encourages visitors to take action

What a Perfect Landing Page Looks Like:


A compelling headline is a must. Having a great podcast with interesting content is of no use if the headline isn’t convincing enough. Avoid the hyped-up headlines and overpromising headlines.


Pro tip - Landing page must not be text-heavy or to graphic-y. It should be a fine balance of both these. A good copy is an essential part of the podcast landing page. Make use of short paragraphs and bullet points and highlight the most important messages.


Podcasts are basically the audio files that are why often content creators overlook the visuals part. But visuals are something that attracts human attention 60,000 times faster than text, hence the visuals should never be neglected.

Strong visuals capture attention and evoke emotions, and they have the power to boost conversions, too.

Call to Action

Whether you plan on motivating visitors to subscribe to your podcast, opt-in for the newsletter, or sign up to be notified when the podcast gets published, making use of a strong call to action to make the users follow-through is always a good idea.

Where to Listen to the Podcast

All these are just the must-haves for every landing page,  but this is specific for the podcast landing page. Make sure to offer the landing page episodes on several listening platforms to reach an advanced audience and accommodate different content consumption habits.

Tips to Create A High-converting Podcast Landing Page

Here is a list of elements that will help to boost sales conversions on your podcast landing page.

Build the Audience Previously

Don’t wait for the first episode to drop to start promoting your podcast! Make use of a landing page to build the audience and get them interested beforehand. This will help you have a strong email list of the ones who are eager to listen to the first episode (or the next episode if you already have launched the first episode).

Call to Action(Single)

There might be so many things that you want your listeners to act upon, on your podcast. But while creating a landing page, you must ensure to have just a single call to action. You can get visitors to subscribe/download the free ebook/leave a podcast review/spread the word on social media accounts. Requesting the visitors to do multiple things at the same time may lead to no action at all. Remember to SELECT ONLY ONE Call to Action.

Make Use of Testimonials

Using the testimonials on the podcast landing page can come with a significant outcome. On the podcast landing page, highlight the positive testimonials that people have given about your podcast. Testimonials are something that proves all the great things about your podcast and encourages those who look into product reviews to act upon the landing page.

Let Them Know What to Expect

Offer the audience hindsight of what you are planning to offer and what they shall expect from your podcast. Setting clear expectations is a great idea to enhance engagement and target loyal listeners. Podcasts are a long game, you must not depend on short-term stunts. It is always about building a genuinely interested audience.

You must ensure the clear visibility of your podcasting goals right on the podcast landing page.

About the Host

Podcasts are meant to create connections, along with connecting to the content they listen to, listeners also listen to the host. This is why the ‘About the host’ section is a really important part of the podcast landing page. Let people know about your interests and the goal behind starting the podcast to build an emotional connection with the listener. It is rightly the first step towards building a loyal audience to the podcasts.

Sneak Peek

Your goal for the podcast landing page doesn’t really matter, whether it is an opt-in incentive or just a way to get people excited about the first episode, giving your audience a sneak peek helps to boost conversions. Try getting feedback from the listeners and make necessary improvements right away to enhance customer engagement.

Wrapping Up

Podcasting will be an important part of an effective marketing strategy in the near future, so it is high time to focus on this aspect of marketing and make the most out of it.

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