How Cloud Communication through VoIP Phone Systems Can Bridge the Digital Gap

VoIP Phone System

Today’s cloud-based VoIP phone systems provide businesses the opportunity for scalable unified collaborations. IP phone systems go beyond the basic call processing feature to help businesses manage their telecommunication requirements on the cloud, and stay connected to the rest of the world. To bridge the digital gap in business communication, cloud-based VoIP phone systems provide features like voicemail, call forwarding, toll-free numbers, remote operation, and a lot more. Internet-based business phone systems provide a host of other features that can help companies enjoy the benefits of digital telecommunication.

Call Screening

The call screening feature of business VoIP phone systems helps users view the number on caller ID and direct the call to different departments accordingly. If the call is from a customer, it can be redirected quickly to customer reps. Likewise, sales-related calls can be forwarded to the right representative available for attending the requests.

Barge & Whisper Tools

With barge and whisper tools, VoIP phone systems can help you in training your employees for improved on-call performance. The whisper tool allows you to give tips or information to your employees while they are on a call, without letting the client or customer overhear you. And when you have to monitor the conversation of your reps and sales professionals with customers, you can use the barge tool and silently listen to the chat.

Video Conferencing

Conferencing with VoIP phone systems helps users manage communication with several clients at the same time. You can also manage conferencing invitations and participants, and monitor the conference floor using the video conferencing feature of hosted VoIP services.

Keeping track of individual calls to every client can get messy, but you can connect with all of them at the same time and convey your message in one go by migrating your telecommunication process to the cloud.

Transcribing Voicemail to Email

By transcribing voicemail to email, VoIP phone systems help you understand the requirements of clients and customers in detail. Voicemail messages can be transcribed to the text format for sharing via email. So, you don’t need to scribble important information in a hurry while listening to a voicemail message. You can read the content of any voicemail on your email and respond to it accordingly. Also, searching and managing voicemails become easier with VoIP phone systems.

Inbound/Outbound Call Reports

With comprehensive data related to call history, call duration, destination, originator, and cost, businesses can figure out where to direct their telecommunication time and energy. For maximum bandwidth utilization, companies can do call data tracking with VoIP phone systems and direct their resources to specific calling destinations.

When Do You Need to Invest in a Hosted VoIP Phone System?

When the hard work of your dedicated employees has paid off well and opportunities are knocking on your door, you are likely to bring new employees onboard and spread your operations in multiple locations. No doubt, these are smart moves. At the same time, you also need to enhance your availability among the increasing number of customers by empowering your customer reps with VoIP phone systems. Cloud-based VoIP phone systems can help your employees manage the increasing call volume with upgraded capabilities.

Furthermore, you can save significant money by dumping costly analog phone lines and moving on to hosted VoIP services.

Fully-Integrated Communication with Cloud-Based VoIP Phone Systems

As per reports: VoIP can help new businesses cut initial startup costs by up to 90%.

Business phone systems that operate on the cloud are getting popular with time. They allow businesses to be consistently available for handling customer queries and concerns. Further, with unified access to video conferencing, email, voicemail, and email features on the cloud, employees can improve on their day-to-day collaboration tasks and increase the overall efficiency.

With today’s workplace becoming increasingly mobile, cloud-based VoIP phone systems can help businesses operate from multiple locations without an interruption in the communication flow. With the auto attendant or virtual receptionist (VR) feature, companies can attend customer calls by directing them to specific locations and departments. Further, the on-hold message feature can keep your customers engaged with promotional messages while they are waiting for a reply.

Hosted VoIP phone systems also help in scaling collaboration features up and down, as per the shifting needs. The heightened call volume may lead to higher growth prospects. So, remember to add as many VoIP extensions as required to attend every business call in real-time. 

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