Top 7 Unexpected Benefits of VoIP phones

VoIP phone

VoIP is not an alien word these days. It is one technology that almost every leading business is adopting to empower its communication system.   Massive cost saving, all-inclusive assistance, and remote location work possibilities are considered as the main benefits of VoIP phone number. But, its benefits are far-flung from these benefits.

Actually, there are many unexpected benefits that business phone number offers to the end-users. Some are so hidden that people fail to recognize they are due to VoIP.

Here are some of those top seven unexpected benefits that VoIP renders to its end users.

1. Data transfer is easy and faster.

Your virtual phone number works over an internet connection.  For the proper functioning of this phone system, you need a broadband connection with 90 kbps (kilobits per second) to 156 kbps internet speed. When you get that sort of internet connection, your other internet-dependent operations improve imperatively.

You can easily share your heavy business file and multimedia messages with that robust internet connection.  This is one unexpected benefit of VoIP that users fail to recognize.

2. It makes sure that you make the most of your bandwidth

Do you know half of the conversations are silent? Yes. Silence during an on-going conversation is a real thing and it squanders away your bandwidth. Officially known as Dead Air Time, it kills your brand reputation as well.

Virtual communication system brings great relief in this section as well.  It fills those silent spaces by providing other data from other bandwidth consumers and makes sure that you are using your resources at the fullest. Its offering doesn’t end here. It allows the users to compress and eliminate the speech redundancy to improve the call quality in the future.

3. It comes with great network flexibility

Just as VoIP sets you free to bind with your office desk to work, it also renders great flexibility in choosing the main internet resource. With this, your firm need not be dependent upon a certain technology layout.

You can use your existing Ethernet, SONET, ATM, or even WiFi to set up a virtual-based business calling system.

4. You can FAX as well

Did you think that a VoIP phone system can help you make/receive voice calls only?

If “Yes” then we would like to correct you here. VoIP is more than making/receiving calls. It can be used for sending a FAX. You can send a FAX over the internet by creating a gateway for it.

To do this, all you need is an ATA or Analog Telephony Adapter that should support T38. T38 is that protocol that allows a FAX to reach its destination over the virtual network. Not only this, but It can also convert FAX into email and PDF easily over a fully-featured fax server.

5. It helps you create Business Process Integration (BPI)

VoIP makes operations at the owners’ end easy, fast, and reliable by creating BPI or Business Process Integration.  By BPI, we mean that an integrated platform over which various operations and workflow can be managed easily.

As the leading business phone system comes with in-built integration with leading platforms such as Zoho CRM, Pipedrive, and Slack, it brings the entire workflow over a single platform. Now, merging of all these operations over a single platform helps to leverage operations at many levels. You can view, edit, and share the relevant documents while attending the calls.

BPI is also helping to replicate all the CRM details while handling the call of the same customer. It not only saves time but efforts as well. When communication or voice-enabling business meets over a single platform, things become easier than ever.

6. It safeguards your organization

The Cloud business phone system can be integrated with any of the leading anti-virus systems. This sort of protection helps the firm to reduce the odds of identity theft, data stealing, and loss of the data that happens regularly while using the internet.  

7. It helps you gain ultimate peace of mind

Well, this is the most important benefit that we all want ultimate peace of mind while at work and play.  As a cloud-based business phone system demands no high-end software and hardware requirements, using it is pure bliss. The cherry on the cake is zero maintenance.

While your traditional PSTN phone system is always down and seeks regular maintenance, VoIP is least demanding in this sector. You only need to install it once and forget forever.  With such easy handling, VoIP offers the ultimate peace of mind that has no match.

The benefits of VoIP phone system are copious and noteworthy. Switching to it can make a great difference in your operation and leverage success at various levels. So, why overlook it? Buy a VoIP system and start reaping its benefits today.

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