How to Choose the Right Diesel Fuel Tanks

diesel tank

Is your truck’s fuel storage tank efficient? Investing in the most functional tank is prudent. Learn important aspects to maximize your fuel use and reduce overall expenses. If your current fuel tank storage experiences fuel evaporation or leaks, discover what you can do to minimize if not eliminate these challenges.

Each drop that your fuel storage tanks lose translates to money lost. If you feel that the fuel tank should not be your worst enemy, it is time to make it your best friend. To put it more directly, your fuel consumption is directly proportional to the quality of its fuel tank. The current high-cost fuel is already a big challenge. You can do without need any other.

How to Choose the Material

Even with numerous diesel fuel tanks for sale out there, settling on the best can be a daunting task. Many dealers offer tanks made of different materials. Common ones are aluminium, steel and stainless steel with each having has its pros and cons. Whether is meant for domestic uses or light commercial purposes, it is crucial to make an informed choice.

  • Aluminium

Aluminium diesel fuel tanks usually weigh less, as the material is naturally light. Ideally, aluminium tanks weigh around 2,300 pounds. In addition, the material is rust-resistant hence can avoid corrosion of the surface.

Similarly, you can rest assured that the inside of the fuel storage tanks is not harmed by low sulfur fuel. You see, moisture can cause rusting, effectively compromising the durability of the tank and ultimately the quality of the fuel.

  • Steel

Steel diesel fuel tanks are less expensive than their aluminium counterparts. In addition, the construction is very tough meaning it cannot easily be cut or modified. The only deterrent is the fact that steel is bulkier. It is also prone to rusting and corrosion. Therefore, have the tank coated suitably and degreased regularly to reduce rust formation and oxidation on the surface.

  • Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is an excellent material for fuel tank storage because it is durable. Your small commercial enterprise will find this option suitable as you avoid undesirable maintenance costs. However, always ensure it is exposed to enough oxygen. This is because corrosion can occur especially during wet conditions. Otherwise, crevices and cracks will appear on the surfaces

Safety Considerations

Safety of users should be the top concern when buying a fuel tank. Before looking for diesel fuel tanks for sale, determine the space that the new one will occupy. For the safety of people and property, industry standards demand that all aluminium tanks be at least 1/8 inch thick.

While steel tanks should be ½ inch thick, stainless steel ones should have ¼-inch thickness. More importantly, ensure that the tank has been pressure tested and has passed the standards. Do not believe that your tank is safe just because others from the same production line have been tested.

Volume and Price

The size and fuel capacity of fuel tanks vary greatly. On average, diesel fuel tanks hold 125-300 gallons of diesel. Trucks usually have two identical tanks on either side. However, a 1000 litre poly diesel fuel tank should be adequate to serve a small commercial establishment.

The price of individual tanks varies greatly from one manufacturer to another. This depends on the tank’s construction and capacity. Cheap tanks can cost as little as $800 while the priciest ones can go for as much as $2,000.


Let a qualified technician install all fuel storage tanks that you buy. A reputable person should have the right experience, tools, and equipment. After installing, let him conduct a check on the tank to ensure it functions efficiently. In the end, you will save money, the biggest goal of any homeowner and business.

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