How to Choose a Ladder Rack for Your Work Van

How to Choose a Ladder Rack for Your work Van

A ladder rack is one of the simplest and most effective ways to customize the storage space for your work van. While most vans come with some form of cargo transportation for the extra items which cannot fit inside the van, customizing the rack to suit your specific needs is one of the best ways to organize yourself and deliver the maximum efficiency in your business.

An added ladder rack will revolutionize your business regardless of whether you are a contractor, plumber, landscaping expert or other contractors.

Here, are some of the benefits which come with choosing van ladder rack:

Increasing the levels of safety as you transport your tools: the ladder rack is made in a manner that secures bulk cargo safely. This minimizes the possibility of something falling off the roof during transportation and keeps everyone safe on the road.

  • Enhancing capacity: The other amazing benefit which you get from this type of ladder is that it increases the amount of cargo which you can carry on the roof or other parts of the vehicle. A ladder takes a lot of space inside the van, but will not be a problem when placed atop the vehicle. 
  • Efficiency and productivity: Most contractors waste a huge chunk of their time loading and unloading equipment from their vans. This is something which can be avoided when you attach the ladder to the top of the roof as it will increase access.

Those are a few of the benefits which come with installing the right rack for your ladder.

Check out these factors which you must have in mind when choosing the ideal type of ladder rack for your vehicle.

Assess you transport needs

The first thing to consider is the length and the weight of the ladder that you will be transporting, and also if you will be transporting other things in addition to the ladder. If you have other bulky items that you will be carrying on the ladder in addition to the ladder, you have to look for a large enough rack to accommodate the other items. Alternatively, you can have a rack custom made to suit your specific needs.

Consider your type of van

Not all rack types and design will fit onto all van types. The crucial thing to understand here is that different vehicle manufacturers make ladders and racks which are specifically suited to the vehicle model. The most commonly used vans by people in the delivery and service industry include the Mercedes Sprinter, Ford Transit, and the Nissan NV series. When getting the rack, ask the supplier if it is customized to suit your specific vehicle model. If not, look for a supplier who has racks that will fit your vehicle, or opt for customized van ladder racks.

Think about the safety features

Safety is the most important thing when it comes to the use of vans for transportation purposes. Safety is actually the main reason why vans are outfitted with a rack, and you, therefore, need to ensure that the method used to fasten the ladder onto the rack, and the rack onto the roof, ensure maximum safety of the load towed. Ask whether the ladder rack has passed all the necessary safety tests to be fit for the road. Also, remember that you will be in the best position to get a rack that is safe to suit your transportation needs when you buy from competent suppliers.


The ladder rack will be on top of the van, and out in the harsh weather a lot of the time when you are out on projects. This means that elements such as water dirt, grime, and other dust will continuously be in contact with the material used to make the rack. If you want the rack to last, you have to make sure it is made of weather resistant material. Galvanized metal and alloys that are rust and corrosion resistant are the best. Painting and powder coating also helps form an extra protective layer and prevent the material used to make the ladder from getting rusty.

Ease of use

It is also crucial to consider how easy it is to use the Ladder Rack for Van that you are thinking about buying. The ease of use depends on the ladder’s accessibility, and the amount of manual operation needed. The ideal ladder should be hydraulic, and it should need an as little manual operation as possible. When the rack is easy to operate, the work cut out for your crew is reduced by half and they are able to get productive in other aspects of the project.


The last and most important consideration that you need to have in mind is the design options that are available and compatible with your vehicle. Do not settle on one design before you have seen everything that is available, looked at their features, strengths, and weaknesses. Take time in the comparative shopping, and this will enable you to arrive at the ideal rack system for your needs.

Those are the considerations that you ought to have in mind when selecting a rack system for your van. Ask for expert advice from auto mechanics and the rack suppliers before making a purchase. Most importantly, have an expert install the rack system for you. It will assure you that safety measures have been adhered to and that the proper installation process has been followed.

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