How to Build a Supreme Online Coupon App


Millions of products have been looked at or bought by app users every day. Moreover, there are a few coupon apps available which provide opportunities to save some money while making online purchases. Today, last-minute deals, discounts, coupons, and limited time offers are the most popular eCommerce promotion tools. The price cut-offs are beneficial for the sellers and consumers as well as third-party coupon apps that take advantage of this overwhelmingly increasing the global market of eCommerce.

In 2018, there were 194 billion mobile app downloads has been registered. By the end of 2020, mobile applications are projected to generate revenue of 188.9 billion US dollars.

Let’s take a look at the top benefits of a discount coupon application:

  1. Users can buy products at discounted prices
  2. Reduces the extra expenses by saving time and money
  3. Increases brand awareness among the consumers
  4. Quick and easy access anytime anywhere
  5. Attracts more users and generates potential traffic
  6. Reduces advertising costs
  7. Attracts new users and retain old customers to increases business profit

This trend attracted many businesses to opt for a coupon app development and provide great discount opportunities to the users while maximizing business revenue. However, several top-notch features and functionalities should be implemented to have a robust discount coupon app.

I am going to cover the basic as well as advanced features that are must for any coupon application that aims to provide a seamless shopping experience to the users while generating profits.

Basic features

User Panel Admin Panel Merchant Panel
Sign up / Login Login Sign up / Login
View Deals Manage Deals & Coupons Add & Manage Deals
Browse stores & categories for offers Customize categories & sub-categories Manage orders
Apply coupons directly Manage merchants


Access getaways CMS Mail automation
Invite friends for more discounts Share offers & deals Coupon redemption
Share deals via direct link or social media    

Advanced features

Push notifications

Push notifications enable users to know about the new & amazing deals they can avail while purchasing. Moreover, they attract new users to do shopping by informing them about the offers, discounts, and other details directly on their device screens. In short, push notifications help to get new users and retain old customers.

Social media integrations

Social media integration provides relief to users from filling the long sign up forms by giving instant access through their social media profiles. It also allows them to share the best deals and offers to their friends and relatives directly through the website. It boosts user engagement and increases the number of visits on the app & website. 

Tracking & navigation

You can integrate Google Maps or Apple Maps depending on your choice of an app development platform (Android/iOS) to enable users to avail local deals. Through this integration, they can easily track & avail the transactions related to dining, grocery, movies, fairs, and more. You, as a merchant, also benefited from it by attracting new buyers and showcasing your business.

Real-time analytics

Real-time analytics allows merchants to quickly identify different statistics related to deals, users, and stores. The information like the most availed deals in specific areas, item categories, and others create a transparent process. As a result, merchants can make better business decisions and maximize profits.

Cloud integration

A coupon app may have to deal with large data sets of user information, details of local places & stores, deals, offers, and more. Moreover, data safety & security is vital to withstand against potential attacks by hackers. Cloud technology ensures data storage and management in the safest form. A cloud integration in the mobile app or web app brings business scalability and protective & convenient access to the authorized persons.

Other advanced features like price & product comparison, cart sharing, faceted search, secure & multiple payment options, gift cards, and real-time order tracking give a significant boost to the application.

Any discount coupon app is an online eCommerce store with a slight difference: instead of products, it sells coupons. Development of such an application is a multi-step process which takes efforts in different aspects. All the above features are vital for a fantastic discount application. So, if you have an idea or thinking of having such development, then this is the right time to transform it into an excellent mobile app and conquer the ever-growing eCommerce market.

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