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Winter Care Tips


As we all know winters are here. Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, For the touch of a friendly hand, and for a talk beside the fire. This is how most of us imagine our life in winters too simple yet full of memorable moments. The light of winter is the poetry of patience, silence, and love. There is a very famous quote with relation to winters and it is "Winter isn't a season it's a celebration". In this article, we will talk all about winter, the do's and don'ts, and problems generally faced in the winter season.


Starting with the article I wish that this winter be gentle and you enjoy every day of this beautiful and lovely season. In winters there are very typical problems which are being faced by many people and sometimes we fail to find any solution to all those problems. Problems are related to skin, hair, skin, and many other things. So this article is all about some things which are being suggested to be done and also with the solutions of many problems which are being faced by people or individuals either male or female in this season.

Let's start with some really common problems!!!

Problems faced commonly during winters

The problems we are going to discuss are common in people of all ages whether male or female at some point faces these problems. Below are the commonly faced problems and their Ayurvedic solutions:

Dry hair or rough hair with dandruff

Rough hair or dry hair in winter is really common. The reason is cold, dry air along with lack of oiling. Generally, we apply a lot of things like chemicals to keep our hair soft and frizz-free. But after some time the things which are basically to help us turn out to be the enemy. So following are some natural tips to prevent your hair from dandruff and dryness:

  1. Oiling - Oiling is really important for your hair and for a healthy scalp.
  2. Avoiding Hot Water Wash - As it also causes dryness of hairs and makes them more frizzy. Due to dryness, they tangle a lot, and hence hair fall especially while combing.
  3. Steaming or Spa - After oiling is really good for hair as well as for the scalp.

Dry skin

Dry skin, OMG who wants dry skin whether a male or female, no one likes dry skin which often peels off. So for avoiding such situations there are certain specific things which should be done especially in winters. These certain specific things are:

1. Nasya

Nasya Of some essential oils like almond oil, olive oil, and Roman chamomile. Nasya is basically a process in skincare in which two to three drops of any of above -mentioned essential oils are poured into each nostril while your head is hung down like on the edge of the bed, or at the ridge of a chair.

2. Massaging and Steaming

Massaging with almond oil or some moisturizing cream is really very good, especially at night time or bedtime. After moisturizing your skin you can just start with simple steaming using a streamer for around 5-10 minutes. It is very helpful in nourishing your skin, provides circulation to the area, and also enhances complexion.

3. Applying Aloe Vera Gel

Applying aloe vera gel at least twice weekly gives you very impressive results and avoids peeling off of skin due to dryness. All over skin health can be improved if you start taking care of your skiing with aloe vera gel. You can use a natural extract of aloe vera but if not available go for the best in the market.

Dry or Cracked Lips

The softness of lips is very hard to maintain because they are the softest part of lips. So when we talk about taking care of the face we must talk about taking care of lips too. Obviously, no one likes cracked dried lips too. So for your lips what you can do, it is a big question. So below are your tips:

  • First and foremost, protect yourself from dehydration. Dehydration is the main reason for drying lips on a regular basis. So drink enough water.
  • Reduce the intake of caffeinated products
  • Maintain the extract fibre water ratio in your meals
  • Try not to lick your lips
  • Apply oil to the navel as nourishing navel nourishing lips. You can simply apply mustard oil.
  • Apply glycerine to your lips at bedtime. 

Cracked Heels

Cracked heels in common in winters but are also observed in summers and in some cases even throughout the year. So taking care of yourself includes taking care of your feet too. Now taking care of your feet, below are some fantastic tips for cracked heels:

  1. The tip is the self tried one. It includes applying wax mixed with mustard oil to heels. You can do it regularly if you have too many cracked heels or else on alternate days it can still do magic. 
  2. The second thing includes something which has to be done regularly and it is done in steps
    • Wash your feet and soak them in lukewarm water for 10-15 minutes. You can also add essential oils in water like almond oil or you can add Epsom salt.
    • After soaking pat dry your feet
    • Once dried, apply thick moisturizers, or again you can apply oil onto your feet.
    • Now wear socks to lock the nourishment.
    • And sleep well.
    • The last thing is to stop roaming around bare feet. It’s injurious to your feet' health.

Joint Pain

Joint pain in winters is related to aggravated Vata dosha and immobility due to the feeling of being cold. Now the question arises what can be done about this. So to make you walk pain-free even in winters following are some amazing and time-saving tips:

A gentle movement throughout the day is really good. As stability causes stiffness and hence results in pain during movement.

  • Intake of nourishing food articles like cow’s ghee with meals, golden milk at night time, milk with dates at bedtime is really nourishing.
  • Avoiding food like black lentils is really important along with capsicum and eggplants. 
  • Massaging is also a very good option for avoiding joint pain in winters. Massaging joints in circular motion with warm mustard oil mixed with crushed garlic can do miracles. The massaging can be done just before bathing and after bathing warm clothes must be used to cover you up.
  • Avoid standing sitting in chilly air.
  • Have a particular quantity of dry fruits on a regular basis like walnuts, peanuts, almonds, and pistachios. Even pistachios can help you in sleeping due to the presence of melatonin.
  • Wearing warm clothes is really very important. Even warm clothes can be stylish too!!
  • Avoid walking barefoot on the floor.

Now let’s start with some morning and Night winter care. And believe me, this will definitely work. Starting with the details about the winter season or hemant ritu.

Facts about Hemant ritu "The cozy chilly winters" Effects of hemant ritu on body"

The agni or digestive fire, due to atmospheric cold, the heat of the body is conserved inside by constriction. This leads to an increase of jatharagni or digestive fire in the digestive system, so if your digestion is completely healthy then you must consume things of heavy consistency. If heavy food is not consumed then it will burn away the rasadi dhatus which are basically the body tissues as food in the form of fuel is not available.

Effect on Dosha

In this season there is accumulation of kapha dosha causing things like laziness, pitta pacification resulting in enhanced digestion, and prakopa of vata dosha causing dryness of skin, hair, cracked lips, joint pain, and other things.

Diet to be Followed

Diet to be followed and to be avoided is important in every season. So in hemant ritu, Ayurveda explains one must start with flesh of carnivorous animals residing in the burrows should be consumed in the winters along with sweet, sidhu (A variety of fermented preparation) and honey. One should drink milk, sugarcane juice in the afternoon and have ghee plus jaggery.

In this context vagbhata explained that, due to long nights, a person feels hungry in the morning itself. So one must take sweet, sour, salt, and unctuous food items.

Diet to be Avoided

Things to avoid include black lentils, black gram, eggplants, capsiucum in excess as they aggravate vata dosha and increase symptoms like dry skin, joint pain, digestive tract dryness, and many others.

In hemant ritu the medicines have good potency due to the effect of time. The water is clean, unctuous, and heavy, and the sun rays are mild due to ice and mist in the atmosphere. The water and medicines have sweet vipaka, unctuous and heavy, and sun rays are mild due to ice and mist in the atmosphere. The water and medicines have sweet vipaka, unctuous, cold, and heavy qualities. So produce accumulation of kapha in hemanta ritu.

Now finally after discussing the facts about hemanta ritu, let’s get started with the winter care in the morning and evening too. So let’s start.

Morning Winter Care Routine

 Morning winter care routine is really fun, motivating and even can be relaxing. Let’s start with the routine in steps:

  • Stop that cuddling in bed with your blanket in the morning. That makes you lazy. Stretch your body a bit in the bed and keep yourself moving.
  • After brushing and passing stool, don’t forget to drink lukewarm water. It helps in clearing accumulated kapha dosha in your entire digestive channels, enhances digestion and prevents digestion-related problems.
  • Once you are done with this, try to stretch your lazy body a bit like trying some quick yoga or stretching techniques.
  • Having a bath with warm water as bathing with hot water helps in keeping your body warm and also freshens you up.
  • After bathing, application of a little oil is really good as a moisturizer and as a warming catalyst. You can use almond oil, mustard oil for the same.
  • After bathing, you must wear heavy clothing like sweaters or whatever keeps you warm.
  • Do wear socks and chappals or slippers as they are important for maintaining the health of your feet.
  • Do not put warm feet on the cold floor especially after waking up in the early morning.
  • Once in a week or twice in a week do massage your whole body along with your head and scalp. It helps in skin nourishment, prevents joint pain, muscle ache, and skin dryness.
  • One can also have nuts or dry fruits with their breakfast. They help in keeping the body warm too. Nuts are strengthening and do not let your body lose energy easily.

Night care in winters and it's as important as morning care

Night care is something which is tough as we have exhausted ourselves a lot in the day time it becomes difficult to take care of ourselves at night. But still, we have to try as it's our body and it needs care. So following are some tips that you can easily add to your night care routine:

  • Starting with your feet, don't forget to wash your feet or soak them in water mixed with Epsom salt, pat dry and apply moisturizer as it's important. Don’t forget to change your socks.
  • Wear warm and cozy clothes.
  • Have something satisfying in your dinner along with cow’s ghee.
  • Before half an hour of sleeping do drink milk with dates or golden milk or turmeric milk. One can also add nuts to this milk. One can also have jaggery with ghee, it also helps in keeping the body warm.
  • Now, discussing your skin. One must start with applying moisturizer, aloe vera gel, or also can have nasya of almond oil, roman chamomile oil, and many others. After this one can also take steam which helps in two ways.
    1. Nourishing skin
    2. Clearing the accumulated kapha dosha from the upper respiratory tract.

This is the end of winter care. We really hope that these tips help in making your lovely winters more lovely and beautiful.

Happy winters!!


This article is full of things we all need to know about self-care in winter. There Are many things which you might already know but there are many things which might be totally new for you. So keeping a balance of all the things do care for yourself in this winter season as you and your body loves you. We know that season comes every year but let's make some happy memories instead of memories of cracked heels, dried lips, pain in joints, dry skin, and many more. 

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