Home Decor Ideas- Give Your Home a New Look

Home decor ideas

Your home should be the most comfortable place on earth. That’s probably why designing a home can be both exciting and overwhelming. You already know what you want but a few tips would be great to get you on the right track. The small details matter just as much as the big picture. Some additions here and there will bring out your personality and style. They will also make the house a home that you fall in love with. On that note, here are the best home decor tips to get you started on creating the home you have been dreaming of;

Create the perfect gallery wall

The walls are part of your space and you should make good use of them. The best way to do so is by creating a gallery wall. It’s actually the perfect means of adding personality and color to your living space.  The choice is entirely upon you.  For instance, you can opt to display a collection of photographs and art or other wall hangings. Go for simple frames or mix things up using ornate variations. 

Opt for large scale art

Go for a gigantic painting or photograph that will bring attention to the room. You can also use this to set the tone in a space. Depending on your preference, a minimalist black and white photograph will do the trick or better still incorporate color with a vibrant piece of art.

Incorporate an accent wall

Aside from adding art pieces and photographs to the walls, you can also actually decorate the walls themselves. There are various ways of creating an accent wall. You can paint the wall with a bright and bold color. Alternatively, introduce patterns using wallpapers or stenciling. Decorative accents transform any kind of space into something out of the ordinary.

Hang mirrors

For the longest time, mirrors have been used to decorate homes. Fortunately, there is a lot you can do with decorative mirrors. For instance, hang an oversized mirror to help make a small space look and feel bigger. It also brightens up the space. Another way to go about it is to display a couple of small pieces.

Introduce plants

Your home decor might not be complete without bringing in some plants. Introducing nature to your home makes it look more serene and also lively. You can opt for wall-mounted plants or put them in big vases.

Don’t shun black paint

For some reason, many people are actually afraid of black paint and avoid painting it on their walls. Back brings about intimacy in a room better than some lighter hues.  It will also blend in pretty well with much of the furniture. If you are looking for a homey vibe, black paint is the way to go.

Add sheepskin 

Looking for the perfect way to bring in texture, warmth, and comfort? Sheepskin will definitely solve the mystery. Another good thing about sheepskin is that it fits in almost every space including the bedroom, dining area, and reading area. You can also shift it across the home to suit your needs.

Color-block your walls

There is nothing wrong with color blocking especially when talking about modern homes. Go for two neutral colors to create a unique look.  Or better still paint half the wall with a bold color while the other half takes on a lighter hue.

Apply wallpaper

Wallpaper is the easiest way to accent a wall.  The best part of it is that you can pick only one wall and decorate it rather than the entire room. You will certainly be surprised by how much difference wallpaper can make to a room.

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