Helpful Information to Choose a Reliable Web Hosting Plan for Your Website

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Why do you need web hosting?

Now a days everyone is moving towards the virtual world to save effort and time. So this kind of digital activity motivates a person to have a website. But Registering your Domain with the name or with your business is not enough to activate the website.

In order to activate the website, you should have a Web Hosting Plan which will make your website visible on the internet. Basically, a web hosting is a space that stores your website files on the internet to keep your website live on the internet.

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Why should you choose a good hoster for your website?

If you are creating a website for any reason, then you will be wanting most of the users to access your website from anywhere in the world at any time. If you are choosing a good web hosting service provider, then only it is possible in spite of choosing a cheap and free web hosting. If you are looking for a free service for some practical purpose, then suggestion will be not to read the below line.

How to Choose a reliable web hosting plan:

In this article, we are going to explain an important information collected by a long-term research to build your website successfully and consistently. There is some simple step to follow to achieve a good web hosting plan.

Server Speed/ Server up-speed:

Server speed is the main fundamental part of every web hosting. Whenever a customer visits your website the whole website is loaded from the server, so you need to choose a powerful server who gives 99.9% strong connection availability or more than that. If your service provider is proving speed less than that is not acceptable.

Multiple Domain Addon:

Primarily we own only one domain, but after some time due to some need we can add some more domain or if you create multiple subdomain then you need more server space to host this domain. So it is important that your service provider should give flexibility of adding multiple domains.

Server upgrades Option:

Whenever you start a website you choose shared web hosting as it is less expensive, but what about getting more traffic or website to grow for a big business? In that particular situation, you need to upgrade your shared server to VPS Server or Dedicated Server. So your service provider should provide the up-gradation and degradation options at any point in time.

Language Support:

Most of the sites are created in PHP languages, so in a cheap web hosting India service some time only PHP is supported. Apart from this, a site can be built in ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, JAVA, PERL Support and HTML for a better website.

Make sure that your server is supporting all the languages as well as MySQL and MS-SQL database support.

FTP Access:

It is the most common method to transfer a file or web pages through your computer to the web-hosted computer and it can be viewed by everyone. Few companies who are providing free hosting service or very low price hosting they have disabled the option. Ensure that your web hosting service provides FTP access and web based file manager facility.

Bandwidth Allotment:

Bandwidth will help you to load your site faster. If you have a normal website that's fine, if you put some more graphics, picture and files, then it may slow down your site loading process. As well, when few users visit your website then low bandwidth will not be fine in heavy traffic. At least you want 1-3 GB per month to start a small website. It is very difficult now that how much traffic will come to your website, but make an estimate traffic calculation on basis of your website topic, targeted area, website size and go for a plan which will provide a sufficient bandwidth.

Technical Support:

This is one of the most valuable services which you are going to get from a web hosting provider. Before signing up with a company, make sure that it has 24/7 technical support, 7 days in a week. Don't go for a company who is not providing services in the holiday and festival. You know how crucial that time is. If your website belongs to an E-commerce website then in festival time you can accept a good traffic to your website and imagine that your website slows down due to some unknown reason and you are unable to connect to the technical support team and that will be your worst time ever. In general E-commerce websites have dedicated server so fewer chances are too slow down.


Price will not be considered as a factor to choose a good web hosting service. As I said before if you are planning on a trial basis, as a student for limited time project, then low price hosting service will be recommendable, Or else for a long term goal website you should focus more on service.

Renew Price:

This one explains as we had come over lots of cases in which a company is providing a good facility in all services with a low cost but in renew time the price is increased by 5-6 times this is quite unfair and cheat kind of thing. So suggesting you to check the renewal price as well as, If the renewal price is quite enough, then the sign up price, then better should we go for different hosters.

Money back Guarantee:

In simple words, if a company is providing good service, then he can guarantee for money back. Apart from this if we want to cancel the contract for any unknown reason, then the company should give the flexibility of refund the money back. This will become an advantage in our service plan. Make sure there are NO or very fewer cancellation charges.

Also, you have to judge that company is going to refund the whole amount or only the amount which one is not used by you.

Site Backup:

There are times when a site crashed due to some unknown reason and you don't have a backup or having a very old backup file then your service provider should be ready with your website backups. Generally, every company has a weekly backup facility, but as a website owner, you should be very clear about that one. In some web hosting India Plan backup facility is not there. So be specific on that one.

Easy to use control panel:

Basically, a control panel is used to add, delete, edit or change the password of your account. An easy control panel will make your work easier. It has a various name for various service providers, but make sure you are getting an easy to control panel access to change all your need.

Email Hosting Facility:

It is an additional option for your web hosting service. If you have a very big business and for branding purpose, you need a customized email address for every employee. If your business is very small and you don’t want then that is a different view. But you should be aware of this additional service facility. But having a personalized email hosting is strongly recommended.

SSL Certification(Secure Socket Layer):

If you are planning for an E-commerce website for buying and selling purpose, then SSL Certification is very necessary. Adding an SSL service will lead your website http:// to https://. This will secure your web transaction and able to build a trust factor with your online customer. If your company is providing free SSL certification, then it is an advantage for you, if not then make sure that they have the service, then maybe in future you can take the advantage.

More Tips:

Sometimes we can do the necessary research about a company on the internet. Read the reviews of a company and know what people are saying about this company. Research about a company how active in the forum, did the company have the knowledge base or not, video tutorial with step by step for technical support, how active in communicating (Live chat, Email and Telephone), you can cross check with the testimonial.

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