Health Checks Men Should Take Seriously

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It goes without saying that men do not like to share about their health. The older generation in particular has been identified as having a “don’t ask, don’t tell” attitude to their general wellbeing. This dismissive attitude to one’s health is a silent killer and can be illustrated in the mortality rates around male-specific illnesses like prostate and testicular cancer. A lot of work is going into trying to help men be more open about their health so that illnesses can be caught sooner. Today we shall discuss some of the tips and advice that can help you become more open with your health as a man.

Don’t Ignore Problems

This is the one of the cornerstones of what causes men to have continual problems with their health. Something changes or is different, and many men expect it to go away on its own. Worse than that, they will just accept the change in their health and live on with it, regardless. It relates back to a male attitude that feels the need to cover perceived weakness. “Going to the doctor is a waste of time” is the general thought process. Medical professionals themselves will tell you that this dismissive attitude is detrimental in the long term, so make sure you are seen when you experience changes to your health.

Keep Regular Check-Ups

As well as going to see a healthcare professional when something is wrong or different, you should also make sure that you are going for the regular check-ups that are required after you reach a certain age. Again, the prevailing attitude among too many men is that they should only go and see a doctor if there is something specifically wrong. Booking regular cancer screenings will help them to catch anything that might develop and cause problems at a later date.

Speak to Others

You shouldn’t just save health worries for your doctor and the few times that you might see them. Talking over any health issues that you are experiencing can help to relieve stress and the feeling that sense that you’re going through things alone. Again, this idea of men being uncomfortable with sharing health information with other people is what creates the problem here, but you should take steps to try and speak with others.

Mental Health Comes into Play

Following on from our previous point, it really can’t be understated how important it is for men to open up to other people. Not just for physical health issues, but for emotional ones as well. High levels of male depression and suicide are recognised problems across a number of different populations. If you feel that you have a hard time opening up to other people, be sure to make use of some of the resources that are available online to help you get talking. It doesn’t have to be a family member either; sometimes talking to a stranger from a helpline like the Samaritans can make a world of difference.

Taking Care of Yourself

As well as trying to take some of the health checks we have described above, there is a lot to be said for making some basic lifestyle changes. A lot of people are put off moving towards a healthy lifestyle as they think that the leap is unachievable. Making little changes as part of your daily routine can make a world of difference to your overall health in the long-term. Try any manner of things from taking a walk once a day or putting in a meat-free meal to your weekly menu. You would be surprised at how these habits can build up and leave you with numerous health benefits in the long-term.

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