Guest Posting - How to do it the Right Way

Guest Posting - How to do it the right way

If you do like to examine social media, you might have heard about most of the brands that are getting advantages from guest blogging. Since 2014, the idea of guest blogging as a link-building tool was expired. However, the relevance of guest blogging is to keep increasing in branding and increasing reachability. You must need to identify the opportunity whether you are accepting other’s guest post for your blog or you are writing a guest post for another blog to make most out of them. Let’s discuss how exactly we could acquire guest blogging opportunities and get benefited from it.

Beware with the link spamming
When people came to know that guest blogging is a nice approach for building links and SEO, they started to search for the platforms to guest posts. Many bloggers were required a huge volume of the guest post to maintain their blogs. So that they allowed the contributors to publish a guest post.

Blog owners were also asked by the marketing companies to get paid for allowing them to published posts for their clients. That was the win-win situation for all only if the quality and relevancy of the guest post have to be maintained.

Sadly, both the blog owner and marketing companies got too much indulge in making a profit and ignored the quality and relevancy of the guest post. Out of greed bloggers had welcomed so many guest posting service without bothering much about the spamming. But if the search engine will find the guest post irrelevant to the blog it will mark that link as spammy.

Some irrelevant guest blogging network
Guest blogging is kept gaining the popularity and guest blog network has become more apparent on the web. These networks have made a connection between who is willing to write a guest post and those bloggers who need content for their blog. It is a very great opportunity to bring the good writer and quality blogs together.

But in reality, when blogs of these networks went under screening for quality check many contents were found to be of poor quality and full of spammy links.

Few of the spammers did spamming without the network’s permission, on the other hand, most of the spammers were the owner of small businesses who were not much aware of the SEO techniques.

Some guest blogging network intentionally retains the spamming link and if someone is trying to remove it. It will be considered a violation of terms and condition. After getting exposed these spammy guest blog network had been penalized by the google.

The right approach to functioned guest blogging
The right implementation of guest blogging requires a few different structures. The very primary structure that will follow when a superior quality blog filtered out the best content creator and ask them to create a high-quality relevant guest post for their blog. The value-added guest post of superior quality will get promoted by the great bloggers and will generate millions of organic crowd at the blog.

Then another idea of structure is what freelance writers do if they set their mood to publish articles in famous magazines. They first propose the idea to an editor, if they got the approval they make their article publish in magazines. If someone wants to make a guest post published that has not been asked to post, they can do the following steps

If a freelance writer has a fruitful content and he/she is willing to publish that article, first of all, identify the magazine that publishes the same genre of content. which you want to publish.
Similarly, for guest post identify the well-reputed blogs that accept the categories of the post that you want to publish.

Sometimes blogs do not follow a set patterned to invite the writers for guest posting. In this case, you should approach the editor, if they accept your request and allow you for guest posting service then use this opportunity to impress them with your well-written stuff.

Have patience and wait for the approval. Editors generally get enough request for guest posting so it may take few weeks to approve. If they don’t respond in a few weeks. Look out for some other options.

Final words
It may now clear to you, why bloggers have sought out for guest posting. It requires a huge time commitment to pitch a guest post. When you guest blog perfectly, people will compel to research you. Whether you are a writer of a guest post or a blog editor who accept guest post do not compromise with the quality for short term benefits. Prefer to choose the reputable marketer that provides a genuine guest posting service. The guest post writer should go slow to build a fruitful relationship with the blog editors. If you are doing guest blogging with honest intention then keep going otherwise you should find some other way for you because there is always a big no for a spammer in guest posting.

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