GDPR and QA Outsourcing: How to Get it Right?

GDPR testing services

We all know that EU is now facing a wave called GDPR laws. The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will take effect on May 25 in 2018. It is based on the data protection of the EU citizens. GDPR is going to deliver businesses with the clearer legal rights and structure to make sure that the data of the EU citizens are protected and are in safe hands.

On the basis of the reports of the IBM, there has been 40% increase in the overall cost of the data breaches since 2014.

GDPR is going to affect the IT and QA outsourcing companies, so they have to comply with GDPR guidelines in order to deal with EU citizens. 

So, listed below are the steps that outsourcing providers have to follow in order to be GDPR Compliance:

In order to effectively prepare for GDPR, QA outsourcing and IT providers have to create a tough foundation in order to attain GDPR compliance. The most important is to thoroughly examine all the data stores and new procedures in order to successfully implement data security aspects.

So Here Are 6 Major Steps to be GDPR Compliant:

1. Raise GDPR Awareness

If you are involved in outsourcing business that is having EU residents then you must have complete knowledge of GDPR and what it entails. And it is also necessary to know that GPDR is going to apply in the world as long as it involves any data where data objects are EU people.

Main professionals in IT and QA outsourcing companies must identify the adverse impact of GDPR and the business departments that are going to affect the most when it comes into effect. Raising GDPR awareness is particularly important for larger corporations as they have more channels for obtaining and keeping clients data.

2. Perform A Gap Analysis

Prefer to go for gap analysis as this will help in analysing which department’s needs improvement and where DPO (data protection officers) are needed in order to meet the GDPR guidelines. This process also helps in finding the technology that is needed to fill any security gaps regarding the data and data protection requirements. This also needs new technological solutions, so every IT and QA provider must determine and address any data weaknesses.

3. Create A Data Register

Create a data register so that you can keep the record of the working process and meet the regulatory needs. Every European country has DPA means data protection association that is solely liable for enforcing GDPR. This association is going to determine whether the business has been compliant when analysing any penalties for being data breached.

If any breach occurs, then your QA outsourcing provider must be capable to confirm the DPA its growth towards compliance through its Data Register. If the corporation doesn’t deliver evidence that it even started the procedure then the DPA may impose a data breach fine.

4. Evaluate Existing Technology

Evaluating company’s current technology is important for knowing which of the existing solutions needs to be replaced. For instance, in some IT corporations sectors such as legal, information security, HR, etc. may have schemes that are reassigning secured data between nations.

The processes of these sections must be carefully examined – particularly when it comes to the flow of data and how the data is being used. A comprehensive understanding of this knowledge may permit leveraging current results for GDPR compliance. Furthermore, it may expose all technical gaps that require being filled.

5. Analyze Potential Risks

The next phase of GDPR compliance is to measure and document any threats and weaknesses. It is necessary for recognized IT outsourcing corporations to keep a roadmap document that makes sure the security level is apt to the risk.

This also comprises encoding of personal data to cover the most recognising fields within data records. Any consistent IT provider must embed the golden values of info security, namely privacy, integrity, and availability of data handing out systems and services. So, in case of a breach or technical incident, he will be capable to restore the convenience of personal data in a suitable manner.

6. Continuous Testing

Lastly, after forming the aforementioned steps, it is necessary to receive repeated insights that can inform procedure improvements. Any consistent business partner must be definite that best practices are still actual and protected data never passes through systems that haven’t been carefully secured.

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