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Traveling is something that everybody enjoys – whether as a hobby or a passion. Some people travel for pleasure, others for company, and still others for other reasons such as photography. Haven't we just drooled over Instagram's incredible travel photos? Haven't we all fantasized about visiting all of the locations depicted in the images and taking those photos of ourselves?

Since social media gave the world access to showcase their photography skills, travel photography has grown in popularity over the last few years. It's like medication for all those wanderlusts out there. However, 2020 was the year of the travel ban, depriving Instagram of all the swoon-worthy travel photos that we had become accustomed to seeing on our feeds. However, due to technological advancements, the world was introduced to virtual travel tours, which gave travel a new lease on life.

Although virtual travel was a lifesaver for those in need of a break, those who relied on social media to fulfil their wanderlust were left in the dark. However, now that the world is slowly opening its doors, travel bloggers are dusting off their cameras once again. Our Instagram feeds have already started to fill up with photos of exotic destinations, and we can't wait to visit them!

You've come to the right location if you want to learn how to take the perfect travel photos for your social media platforms. We've put together a list of hacks to help you take perfect, Instagram-worthy photos during your vacation, so let's jump right in!

1. Work with Your Back to the Sun

Many travel photographers would tell you that shooting with your back to the sun or on the side of the object or person you're working with is a good idea. This is done to make the subject in front of you more visible. This removes harsh shadows as well as the need for graded filters by compensating for the difference in highlight and shaded areas. This creates a lovely glow of clear blue skies on a sunny day, which is typical of magazine and brochure photography.

2. Switch to ‘Burst Mode' on Your Camera

Using the ‘burst' mode on your camera will allow you to take several shots with just one click. If you want to photograph a whale breaching or someone diving into the water, for example. Furthermore, using the burst mode is a smart idea even if you're handing your camera to a stranger to take your picture. You will be presented with a large number of photographs from which to pick your favourite.

3. Make Sure You Have a Tripod with You

While it can tend to be an inconvenient addition to your luggage, a tripod is an invaluable tool to have while traveling for the purpose of photography. It will assist you in capturing the perfect vacation photos you have always desired. When you can't find a passer-by to help you out, or for morning and evening low-light landscapes, a decent travel tripod can come in handy.

4. Take Advantage of the Golden Hour

You're missing out if you've never heard of the 'Golden Hour.' For those that are unfamiliar, the golden hour is the first hour of light at sunrise and the last hour of light at sunset. The lighting is ideal for outdoor photography at these times – the colours, hues, illumination, and silhouettes will all be organic, and you won't need any artificial lighting or reflections to help you. It may take some forethought on your part to get up at the appropriate time, but the end result will be worth it.

5. Don’t Hesitate to Experiment

We've all seen photos of famous locations taken from multiple perspectives. For example, there are numerous well-known and award-winning photographs of the Taj Mahal taken from various angles. Don't be afraid to try new things if you want to get an iconic photograph in your name. If the picture that inspires you has a right-angle view, you can move to the left and look up, down, and sideways to get the best frame. It's impossible to predict when you'll strike gold. Take a shot from a perspective that isn't commonly seen.

If these 5 hacks have sparked your interest in taking off and begin clicking, you can get started right away! However, we will advise you to do your homework before flying off to a new place. Virtual video travel is the best choice for this. Virtual travel will assist you in deciding on the best location to showcase your photography skills and will also provide you with a fresh viewpoint. You can virtually visit the locations where you think you'll get the best shots, get an idea of how much time you'll need to be there to get the perfect picture, and what kind of lighting or equipment you'll need.

So don't waste any more time; our Instagram feeds are eagerly awaiting your pics!

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