Floral Wallpapers That Will Make Any Space Pop

Geometric peel and stick wallpaper

You might have seen floral wallpapers everywhere, from guest houses to hotels and your friend’s rooms. These types of wallpapers can give your room awake if used correctly. Most of them from dainty daisy chains to bright and blousy blooms will definitely make your space pop and attract a lot of attention.

However, lack of information or lack of enough attention to details when purchasing and applying love vs. design floral peel and stick wallpapers presents a major challenge to the users. In this post, we’ll narrow your options for Floral wallpapers and present to you the best options that will make any space pop.

La Cueillette-Romantic watercolour floral wallpaper

If you have been searching for Floral wallpapers that you can find novel and attractive every time you look at them, then this is the best definition of a perfect match. This Floral wallpaper idea was presented to the public by French artist Claire de Quenetaine by simply mixing watercolors to create a charming wallpaper effect. She used subtle grey shades throughout the design which makes it ideal for small and large rooms.

It is available in a heavy 150g non-woven finish. It’s also perfect for people looking for floral wallpapers for their ceilings. It’s one of the best romantic floral wallpapers that you can find out there.

English rose floral wallpaper

This floral wallpaper has three panels of striking design including a single roll. It is actually based on a hand-crafted design by a Finish artist, Reeta Ek. Although this floral design can be romantically added to the interior décor in your bedroom, it's perfect for large spaces. It can actually create an eye-catching scene in a large commercial space such as the guest houses and your workspace.

The English Rose Floral wallpaper is available in 320 cm length which makes it perfectly fit for larger spaces with high ceilings. Unless you don’t want this floral design to come into its own look, you can cut it to fit smaller spaces.

Another great selling point for this English Floral wallpaper is the fact that it’s digitally printed using environmentally friendly ink and papers for sustainability. If you are a homeowner looking for sustainable ways of creating a romantic feel in your house, then the English rose floral wallpaper is a great value for your money.

Enchanted Garden-Bird Floral wall murals

If you are a wallpaper fanatic looking for a darker and amazing use of Blue that still brings the same warmth with it, enchanted garden Floral wallpaper is a bolder alternative. It comes with a fine collection of peacocks across the expanse. Another selling point is the fact that it's hand-painted with details that are seen within the design for an impressive look.

The peacock details contrast beautifully with the flowers across the branches. It is actually an easy-to-install botanical wallpaper for small and large spaces alike. The design can as well fit any restaurants and hotels and any other commercial situations. It’s still a very sustainable alternative for people that are looking for environmentally friendly alternatives.

Sakura in Bloom

We all think that darker-toned floral wallpapers are not romantic or cannot change the look and feel in your house which is not true. This darker-toned floral wallpaper proves otherwise. It has a glorious and rich background that proves the perfect counterpoint of floral wallpapers for your sitting room or office.

The Sakura in Bloom floral wallpaper is both striking and romantic. It can be used in a romantic restaurant setting or a temporary relaxed space for your first date in your home. It’s also fine for a fine hotel suite.

Lastly, this dark-toned floral wall mural breaths life in any space and wall. It’s rated safe for restaurants and kitchens. It has passed the fire ratings and also uses sustainable fibers.

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