How You Stand To Gain By Working At A Standing Desk

standing desk

These days the following scene is all too common- an office worker sitting bent over a computer as they type, their shoulders hunched and their back aching as they toil for long hours in this ergonomically poor position. At one time there didn't seem to be any other choice, but times have changed. and there is now something that can alleviate this situation, restoring the worker's health and inspiring them to do their best work ever!

What is this miraculous innovation you may ask? It's actually been around for a long time in one form or another, but the secret of better health and comfort at the office is the standing desk, guaranteed to alleviate that back pain and have you typing with a smile on your face! A standing desk is a terrific option to help improve your health during the workday whether you are working from home or in a busy office. The following are some of the benefits of working at a standing desk:

  • Burns Calories - Even if you are just standing still it will burn more calories than if you are sitting. It may not sound like a lot, sitting will burn an average of 75 calories, while standing will burn around 150, but it does add up over time! Standing at work also has another calorie-burning benefit in that you are more likely to be active throughout the day, walking around, and doing some leg exercises and stretches, instead of just being glued to an office chair.
  • Improves Posture - Your posture is sure to improve while you work at a standing desk because your computer monitor will be at proper eye level, your arms at a comfortable angle, and your wrists comfortably hovering over the keyboard, all while your weight naturally shifts from leg to leg. This position supports good posture and doesn't put unnatural pressure on your back and neck that can lead to chronic pain and discomfort the way too much sitting does.
  • Improves Blood Circulation - According to the theory of evolution, we humans are meant to be up on our feet and moving fast, allowing us to survive being chased by prehistoric carnivores. Too much sitting can have a deleterious effect on our physical health, extended periods can cause our blood to slow down and pool in the legs, which can even cause a dangerous blood clot to form! If we are standing up our legs will experience more motion, and the blood will flow freely through our bodies. It's a sad truth that sitting too much can actually lead to a shorter life span while standing promotes a stronger, healthier body that will last longer.
  • Provides An Energy Boost - Studies have shown that workers who spend more time on their feet working at a standing desk felt they had been given an energy boost, and were more engaged and productive than those who worked sitting down. The old concept of "thinking on your feet" has some basis, standing helps promote better cognition and prevents workers from feeling tired and sluggish, they are instead "up and at'em"!
  • Improves Mood and Focus - Standing up while working helps us be more alert and creative, we feel better, and that improves our mood and focus. People who formerly complained of feeling worn out and bored after a long day of work who switched to a standing desk went through a sea change, reporting that they felt energetic and inspired even at the end of the day!

If you are tired of being chained to a chair and a desk all day long then why not try out a standing desk? We think you will stand to gain from the experience!

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