Five Best Valleys You Must Visit Once In Your Life


Our eyes feel delightful when the beauty and tranquillity of nature come in front of our eyes. Witnessing the nature enkindles unexplained sensations in our hearts. There are no words to praise the craftsmanship with which the beauty is placed. It is an irrefutable fact that natural wonders are incomparable.

The competition is fierce. You need to put in all your time to earn. The intensity of dedication decides your level of success, but whenever there is free time, we want to relax and refresh our minds. So whenever vacations knock at our doors, we start planning a holiday with our families and friends before the busy routine returns. We want to revitalize our minds by viewing the pristine scenic beauty of the world. The natural world surely is meritorious. Following are five commendable valleys listed that one must visit once in his/her lifetime:

Lauterbrunnen Valley

Switzerland is known for its beauty and chocolates. Lauterbrunnen valley is the most important and obviously beautiful part of the Swiss Alps. With captivating rocky cliffs and waterfalls throughout the valley, Lauterbrunnen is simply the paragon of magnificence. Either it is winter or summer; there are loads of activities to do there. Matterhorn, the symbol of Switzerland lies in the region. It is a perfect representation of history and culture with museums located there. You can travel by land quickly enjoying the scenic beauty of Switzerland on the way.

Napa Valley

For all the wine lovers out there, Napa Valley situated in California is the right place for you. More than 400 wineries are present there. However the fun is not limited to wine lovers, there are numerous other attractions there which make the place a must visit. You can stay there in lavish resorts and tantalize your taste buds by experiencing the best culinary services in the world. Other things that might thrill you involve watching all kinds of art in myriads of galleries and museums located there. Watching the sun rise in hot air balloon might sound adventurous to you. Other recreational and sports activities are the mode of attractions. You can enjoy valley to fullest whether it is day or night. Napa Tours will guide you in detail through the amazing experience you can get.

Simplon Valley

Located between two mountain ranges in named Pennine and Lepontine, will be one of the best valleys one can view. The valley is politically divided between Switzerland and Italy. For hikers, this valley offers you a fantastic opportunity to enjoy the impressive panoramic view. Simplon Pass only connects the Brig with Domodossola. The breath-taking view of Simplon Valley cannot be missed.

Valley of Ten Peaks

Situated inside a national park of Canada, Valley of Ten Peaks is one of the most beautiful valleys in the world. Ten different phenomenal peaks are surrounding the Moraine Lake. You can view the reflections of the mountains in the pristine blue water. A large glacier is also nearby. With all the beauty and uniqueness the valley exhibits, you must not miss the gorgeous scenery if nature inspires you.

Haa Valley

The literal meaning of Haa is hidden. Haa Valley is located in Bhutan although most have not heard about it. This valley is an example of immense beauty. You will see wheat and barley farms grown throughout the valley. A stream of water flowing through apple orchards will be surely a breath-taking view. If you want to witness a perfect combination of nature, history, and culture, you should visit the enchanting valleys of Bhutan.

Final Word:

If you want to spend your holidays in a matter way, you must visit the above-mentioned Valleys. These valleys are considered the world renown valleys, so everyone must visit these valleys.


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