A Festival Checklist – Abroad


The festival season has officially started and for those who have suffered disappointment from not getting tickets, should remain a tad optimistic. Now the festivals are coming thick and fast it is time for you to consider exactly what you’re going to need before having the time of your life! Whether you are going to a festival in Belgium, or you’re going to a festival in Croatia, there is a festival checklist to help you guide through!

Are You Camping?

Some festivals will require you to camp overnight and it will be more beneficial than travelling back and forth. Get a travel checklist with all the camping equipment that you will need, which should include pillows, roll matts, picnic blanket, camping chairs and so on. It is important to keep the festival checklist even after you’ve finished. This way you can keep an eye on all of your possessions and make sure you return with the same amount of stuff you started with, which is always important.

You Need Toiletries

Whether or not you remember this, toiletries are hugely important. We all know important your toiletries are, so ensuring you take them with you is hugely important. Whether it toothbrushes and toothpaste, or deodorant you will need them to help you feel human again in time for the festival. Toiletries can include a mirror to help refresh your image the next day, especially when you’re feeling like you’re an in need of a shower!

Of Course You Need Clothes

No matter what, or where you go, you’ll always need a little extra clothing. There should always be an extra amount of underwear, socks and t-shirts just in case something may happen. You’ll always need the standard underwear, socks, t-shirts, jackets, trousers, shorts and sunglasses. Ladies you may need a few more little accessories to add to the list such as hair bands and maybe some hats, so don’t be shy. Just remember the more clothes you take the less chance you’ll be wearing the same clothes the next day.

Your Tickets

If you were to travel to a festival abroad and lose, or not bring your ticket, that could possible the most stressful experience of your life. Tickets will grant you access to the venue and whether it is a festival wristband or it something that needs to be printed, you need it. The same is applied if you have a VIP ticket, or you a ticket that can allow you backstage access, your tickets are important.  

Don’t Be Silly, Don’t Forget Your Personal Items

No matter where in the world you are, you will need money. Money is an essential to everything you will need to buy and transport. It is important to separate your disposable cash with you card, in order to save yourself from over-spending. Always take a little extra, so you won’t find yourself stranded in the middle of a festival in another country. Keep yourself safe and have some funds in case of any emergencies.

You will also need your ID, as some festivals require you to be a certain age before entering. Some festivals will also require your ticket name and ID name to match, so make sure that you have everything you need prior to entry. Reading the small print may seem like a long task now, but it will be better for you to know exactly what is happening rather than being surprised!

Finally, on the list of your personals you will need are your keys. Whether you need your hotel keys or your home keys you will need to keep them safe. There is nothing worse than going to and from a country and finding yourself missing your keys. For those who have the tendency to do so, leave your keys with a neighbour or in your back garden, which will relieve a little bit of stress. 

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