Everything You Need to Know About Olympic Weightlifting

Everything You Need to Know About Olympic Weightlifting

Have you heard the term ‘Olympic weightlifting’ and ever wondered how is it different from normal weight lifting? The US Olympic committee has governed various rules and guidelines for this sport and named it competitive weightlifting. This sport incorporates the use of two independent lifts named ‘Clean & Jerk’ and ‘Snatch’ that require the athlete to put it on the barbell and load it from floor to overhead position. The athlete can perform this exercise with maximum strength and in minimal time be it with an Olympic barbell of 20 kg or any other weight. If you perform this exercise daily as a fitness enthusiast, then you will see your improved performance in other games like volleyball, football, basketball as well. There is an objective, benefits, and exercises you need to know about Olympic weightlifting. This article will answer your every question, so go on to know more about this.  

Olympic weightlifting lifts

There are two types of Olympic plates: ‘Snatch’ and ‘Clean and jerk’. Both the lifts require a lifting barbell from the floor to an overhead position, but the manner in which it is done varies. These movements are as follows


With a snatch lift, the lifter takes the bar straight up to the overhead position in one quick move and in very little time. The one who performs efficiently wins. 

Clean and Jerk 

The clean and jerk is a two-part lift that is divided into three different steps. In this, the lifter takes the bar up to the chest first, presses it above their head, and split the jump in the end.  

Each movement requires days or even months of practice to achieve perfection. Every moment is broken down into parts. These drills are often done with barbells. A lifter gets a chance to practice his moves consistently to master the skill of weightlifting. 

Benefits of Olympic weightlifting 

Olympic weightlifting is beneficial in various ways. It helps in gaining muscle and improves performance in sports. The benefits are as follows 


Olympic weight training requires a highly energetic physique. They automatically help you to fuel up while training. The more you train the sharper your moves get and the more efficient you become.   


Olympic weightlifting is a great strength enhancer. A consistent practice of this exercise will help you to recover faster and take more challenging and intense sessions. 

Utilizes entire body 

The Olympic weightlifting involves the movement of the entire body to sharpen the range of motion and lift maximum weights at rapid speed. The lifting of the barbell with different weight places strengthens your arms, backs, shoulders, and core. This increases your lean body mass and reduces body fat.

Improves endurance 

Adding these exercises to your routine intensifies your endurance. This will help you to pick up fast and make your workout sessions more intense.  


By performing the exercises consistently and finding out new strategies to perform them daily you will master almost every move and improve your strength and capability. 


Weightlifting involves a full range of muscle sets including smaller muscles. The entire set of muscles in your body will become efficient for other exercises as well. Your body completely engages in the muscle-building mode and burns the calories. 

Core engagement 

Olympic weightlifting engages your core and keeps your bar weight stable right through the form to clean the overhead press. This fully engages your core and adds power to your and abs and lower back. 

The benefits are endless, but in order to perform it effectively, you need to improve your muscle strength and make it a part of your routine. In order to avoid any kind of injury, you need to do it correctly. It is advisable to perform it 2 or 3 times a week, no more no less. 

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