4 Habits That Negatively Affect the Results of Your Workouts

4 Habits That Negatively Affect the Results of Your Workouts

Things you used to do in everyday life directly affect your efficiency during sports. Let’s find out about five habits that can negatively affect your results and even increase the risk of injuries.

1. Teeth grinding

The habit of teeth grinding can lead to dysfunction of the temporomandibular joint. To fix the damaged joint, hypertonicity of the masticatory and sternocleidomastoid muscles arises, and the tension is transmitted to the trapezius muscles.

Hypertension of the muscles can turn into a pain in the neck, shoulders and thoracic region, as well as cause irregularities in posture: scoliosis, instability of the sacroiliac joint and other problems. These changes and pains won't let you get the maximum benefit and pleasure from training.

How to solve the problem?

Go to the dentist. The doctor will check the bite and advise what to do to get rid of the bad habit of teeth grinding.

2. Sleeping on the belly

When you sleep on your belly you provoke an excessive deflection in the lower back, and since you cannot sleep face down on a pillow and turn your head to one side, your neck muscles become tense. If you sleep like this every night for many years, due to compression and pressure, degenerative processes begin in the spine, and they cause back pain and various problems with posture.

How to solve the problem?

Your bed and pillow should help you maintain your natural body position while you sleep. Teach yourself to sleep on your back or side, choose a pillow with which your neck will be on the same level with your back. Also, pay attention to the mattress. It shouldn’t be too soft so that during sleep your back won’t sag and fall.

3. Prolonged sitting

Our body is not created for prolonged sitting, but the modern lifestyle forces us to spend long hours sitting in the work chair. Because of the seated position, the muscles of the back of the thigh and some of the flexor muscles of the thigh become shorter, and the muscles that support the back weaken over time.

The weakness of the muscles, especially the buttocks, makes the pelvis move forward, which creates excessive squeezing of the lumbar vertebrae. Also, when seated, head and shoulders are often fed forward. Fascia fixes the wrong position of the body, it becomes habitual.

Such problems with posture badly affect not only health but also the training: hard and short muscles of the hips spoil your technique. For example, when performing deadlifts, you will not be able to tilt the body sufficiently without rounding your back, which can lead to injuries.

How to solve the problem?

Try to get up and move whenever possible. Try changing your usual workplace to a standing workstation, take a small glass for water to get up more often and walk to the cooler. Walk in the afternoon, go outside during the working day to take a breath of fresh air - all these small breaks will help you maintain posture and health. It is also important to take care of your workplace: your chair should support your back well and fit you in height.

4. Inability to move properly

Exercises from your workouts are often found in real life. For example, when you lift a heavy thing from the floor or from a chair, your body performs the same movements as during a deadlift. Lifting weights incorrectly, you form a habit that is transferred to your workouts. So you increase the risk of injury, especially when working with large weights.

How to solve the problem?

Learn to move correctly, both in the gym and in everyday life. Work out with a coach or learn the right technique from articles and videos, and then transfer your knowledge to ordinary life.

Never lift things, even fairly light ones, with a round back, do not roll your knees inward while walking on a chair or lifting with a heavy object in your hands. Forming the habit of correct movement in everyday life, you save yourself from injuries in the gym.

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