Efficient Ways to Boost Your Health While You Travel

Efficient Ways to Boost Your Health While You Travel

Whether you're traveling for fun or business, your health should always be a top priority. Feeling unwell when you're away from home is one of the most frustrating sensations. Learn all about the most efficient ways you can boost your health as you travel across the globe. Simple adjustments to your day can make a big impact.


1. Carry Sanitizer or Wipes

At the core of staying healthy is avoiding germs. When you travel, you're exposed to many microbes that your body isn't accustomed to at home. Your resistance to their strength may be questionable. Airports, bus stations and other travel sites are full of germs brought in by many people across the globe. Stay ahead of your health by carrying liquid sanitizer or hand wipes.

Sanitize your hands after using a handrail, shaking hands with multiple people and right before you eat. Keep your hands away from your face as you move about your day too. The idea is to stop germs from entering your body through the hands and mucous membranes. Sanitizers work well between hand-washing sessions.


2. Plan Out Your Meals

The American Heart Association suggests that planning out your meals can lead to a healthier trip. Eating unhealthy snacks and resorting to fast food can make you feel lethargic and leads to bloating.

Plan out your meals by making reservations, ordering from healthy eateries and taking snacks of your own on the trip. When you know what you'll be eating well ahead of time, you can include fruits and vegetables with each meal. You might look over an airline's meal choices before even arriving at the airport. If the food isn't conducive to your diet, bring along your own food as a clever substitute.


3. Prioritize Rest

Sleep is one of the most efficient ways that your body heals itself. If you miss a lot of rest during your trip, sickness may soon follow. Go to sleep at a normal time in your time zone. If jet lag is an issue, try to lull yourself to sleep with a dimly lit room. Put on some calming music.

Consider an application of Young Living Essential Oils because lavender and other scents tend to calm people and encourage rest. Make sure that your cellphone is turned off during your relaxation period. Concentrating on yourself must be the priority in order to rest and remain healthy.


4. Keep up With Exercise Goals

When you head off to another city, the different location doesn't mean that you need to alter your entire routine. In fact, it's important to maintain a routine so that exercise remains part of your day. Traveling with resistance bands is a smart place to start. You can essentially exercise as you sit in your airline seat. Use the bands around your feet to provide resistance as you work out the calves. Pick a hotel with a gym, or simply wear sneakers to walk outdoors. Being active helps you both mentally and physically as you remain healthy on the road.


5. Avoid Alcoholic Drinks

When you're on vacation or traveling on business, alcohol might be a temptation. USA Today encourages you to skip the high-calorie drinks. You can always join in on a night out with drinks by ordering sparkling water or fruit juice. Alcohol tends to dehydrate you and reduces your immunity response as a whole. You'll ultimately have more energy if you stick with hydrating drinks. This fact is especially true if you're traveling to a tropical region. Hot conditions and alcohol simply don't mix.


6. Be Choosy at Buffets

Don't forget to fill your plate with colorful items. A golden diet of fried foods will only add calories to your day and contributes to an unhealthy trip. Always keep in close contact with your loved ones. Staying healthy also includes mental stimulation with calls to spouses, friends and family. When these healthy habits sink in, you'll feel better with each subsequent trip.        

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