Drupal and Salesforce: How This Duo Benefits Businesses

Drupal and Salesforce: How This Duo Benefits Businesses

There is no doubt about the fact that customer relationship management (CRM) software serves a critical purpose across organizations. It is no matter the industry they may be operating in. After all, they are essentially the connecting link between businesses and the customers they serve in this increasingly digital world, enabling seamless communication, alleviation of issues, and more. Now, given the role they play in the overall scheme of things, it is only understandable that companies now wish to integrate their business. It is with customer-facing websites with their CRM systems to ensure smooth, round-the-clock customer service and, thus, top-notch customer experiences. Thankfully, Drupal 8 provides for a reliable set up for the integration of the CMS with a variety of third-party solutions. And for CRM, specifically, it is highly conducive to the integration with Salesforce, among the leading choices for CRM solutions.

You see, Salesforce enjoys a 45 percent share in the market, making it among the leading choices for CRM in the industry. And it is not just the fact that it is popular in the market that makes it such a desirable option when it comes to integration with Drupal. When you have the expertise of a trusted Drupal web design company at your disposal, the integration can also help strengthen performance. It is when myriad other customer-facing aspects of a company’s operations, including sales, marketing, commerce, etc. The point is to ensure all-round ace customer experiences. And Drupal provides that the integration is as simple as it can be, employing a wealth of tools. It helps companies to adapt and then enhance their ability to leverage Salesforce to their benefit. But is that all there is to this duo? Just the promise of better customer experience. Here are some of the other reasons why the Drupal Salesforce integration comes so highly recommended.

    1. Fuss-free access to data: Data is the new oil and that, Sir, is no exaggeration, for it is truly that valuable. The unified system empowers companies to access the requisite data from across all their networks across the organization. Given that teams now have access to more data than before, they can glean more and relevant insights and then drive substantially better decisions. 
    2. Better insights: When data isn’t siloed and both people and systems in an organization have access to the kind of data they need. And, it becomes that much easier to analyze the data in a broader context. The reports they are then able to get out of their data are much more detailed and insightful than previously possible.
    3. Enhanced employee productivity: Before such integrations became possible, the staff had to deal and process the required data manually. It is while lmoving it across charts and sheets multiple times to ensure that all systems in the company had access to it. So, this caused them also to waste a lot of their precious time and even made their data highly susceptible to errors. But the Drupal Salesforce integration automates such processes. It makes sure the relevant data is available to all the approved systems.
    4. Advanced sales workflow: Salesforce, when integrated with Drupal, empowers the sales teams with a world of benefits. For starters, it allows them to do tasks like scheduling a product demo straight from the platform without needing to switch between windows or to a different forum on the company’s website. It is then automatically synced to the respective employee’s lead details and official calendars, thus helping them save time and effort. It is the automation of little tasks such as these that not only help ensure consistency and reduced measures for employees but also translate into substantially improved effectiveness.

It is not news that Drupal is among the most powerful CMS platforms in the market. It is while integrating with yet another highly capable offering such as Salesforce will only help you take your business to the next level.

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