Creating The Spirit of Volunteerism

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The practice of volunteerism is a determined act of being socially aware that there are social causes that will help the needy or make a change that will have positive multiplier effects. These social causes all come with different niches and there is always one to fit everyone.

In addition, there has been scientific research that volunteerism does create physical and mental health benefits in the long run. This is apparent as the volunteer develops maturity to see different perspectives of his life and will makes the life journey much more fulfilling.

In the context of school students, volunteerism allows them to have a much more balanced look into the high-pressure world of academic exams. They will be able to find time to get away from the daily grind of studies and immerse their efforts into other note-worthy activities. This will also give them more mental and emotional resilience too.

Here are some ideas to create spirit of volunteerism in your workplace without too much hassle.

Giving finance

It is a good practise to set aside a sum from your monthly salary to give to a worthy cause of your choice. This instils discipline and nudges you to have a “hands-on” interest in how your monthly finance will make a change to the organisation. It is also a good practise to ask for a monthly statement of the company’s budgetary needs.

Volunteering your expertise

Most of us have become subject experts because we have been working in the same industry for many years. Thus, if there is a non-profit organisation that may want advise in investing into your industry, you may be in a good position to give them “from the ground” feedback. In another situation, you may be a pilot and you may provide advice about creating a curriculum about flying that is targeted specific towards young children.

Volunteering as a start-up mentor

There are a few Gen Zers who have aspirations in being eco-entrepreneurs. This is the result of being exposed to social media about creating a greener and more sustainable world. These teenagers have the determination and aspiration of being the change in the world. You can play the part in mentoring them as many of them do not have the real-world business experience of starting a company. They have to juggle their schoolwork and their start-ups too. Thus any help will be much appreciated.  

Volunteering to lead in your workplace

From my own experience, every company should have a social mission section. This should be in line with the mission and goals of the company. This will also strengthen the corporate brand and culture of the company.

However, the setting up of the social mission section requires a lot of time, dedication, and sensitivity. Thus, upper management must create a steering team to decide about choosing a specific social cause and a tangible target with regards to this financial partnership.

However, if this sounds like a daunting task and nobody within the organisation can step up to the plate, then the customers can play a crucial role here. Please refer to my next point.

Customers as catalyst for corporate volunteerism

If there is no consensus in the setting up of a social mission section in your organisation, then the final step is to ask the honest opinion of your loyal customers. Perhaps, create a simple online questionnaire to discover which social cause is in line with their perceived connection of your corporate brand. This will also draw in more new customers who may be attracted to your corporate social mission. There can also be a strong corporate bonding within employees.

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