6 Common Sports Injuries


If you’re serious about sports, you know that injuries are part of the package. Possible risks and injuries vary from sport to sport. They can happen for several reasons, such as not being regularly active, not warming up properly, and taking part in contact sports.

In this post, we’re covering 10 of the most common sporting injuries and their treatments.


1. Strains

Strains to various muscles are the most common injury in sports. Since these parts of the body are constantly moving, they’re much more susceptible to overstretching. The most common sprains are hamstrings, pulled groin muscles, and strained quads. These can be getting into a routine of pre-workout stretching.

While various treatments exist for sports injuries, some individuals find relief through non-invasive methods such as cold therapy. Research suggests that cold therapy may help reduce inflammation, providing valuable insights into its potential benefits. For more information on the topic, you can explore this resource on cold therapy and its impact on inflammation here

2. Sprains

Ligaments are tissues that connect your bones to each other, and when and when turning the wrong way, they can pull or tear, causing a sprain. Ankle sprains are the most common, followed by knee, wrist, and elbow sprains. Stretching and warming up before engaging in sports, as well as practicing proper technique, can help avoid this. Sprains can be a repeating injury due to weakened ligaments, so it’s a good idea to support affected joints with a brace.


3. ACL damage

ACL injuries are one of the most common knee injuries you can get when taking part in sports. In fact, they account for 40% of all sports injuries! You risk tearing your ACL if you extend your lower leg too much or if the knee and lower leg are twisted. ACL injuries are serious and can lead to your knee becoming very unstable and losing its full range of movement. ACL restoration surgery is one of the most common treatments for these injuries.


4. Tennis elbow

Now, don’t be fooled; tennis elbow isn’t an injury you can only sustain playing tennis – golf is also a common culprit. Tennis elbow is one of several injuries known as ‘injuries of repetition,’ caused by a straining of the ligaments in your elbow due to repetitive overuse. Avoid this injury by pacing yourself during sports, taking breaks, and warming up before playing.


5. Rotator cuff injury

The rotator cuff is a joint that is made up of four pieces of muscle that work together to keep your shoulders moving in all directions. The most common type of injury sustained is a tear in any one of these muscles, which will weaken the rotator cuff. Thankfully, there are both surgical and non-surgical treatments for these types of injuries, so they are not necessarily the end of your sporting career.


6. Concussion

Concussions are a very common injury both in and out of the sports world. In sports, it can be very easy to suffer a concussion, especially in contact sports. This head injury occurs when a sudden impact to the head causes the brain to be thrown around inside the skull and even, sometimes, damaging the surrounding tissue holding it in place. Concussions typically heal independently within a few weeks and with plenty of rest. Never continue to play sports if you have symptoms of a concussion.


Though these are by no means the only injuries you can sustain when playing sports, they are certainly some of the most common. You should be especially careful if you are playing sports as a passion or to make a career of it, as injuries can spell the end of a promising sporting career.

Ensure you know the risks of your sport and take the proper precautions when participating. Take the advice in this article on board and be safe out there.

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