Contemporary Modular Kitchen Design Ideas

modular kitchen designs

Everyone knows the importance of the kitchen and they dream to have modern and trendy touch to it. So it is very important to create a balance between these two prospects is very important. Always keep it beautiful, comfortable and lively. Living in India, you must have some other needs and ideas of modular kitchens. It gives you the liberty to combine contemporariness with modular style. So have a look at some beautiful and contemporary modular kitchen design ideas that will make it look interesting. Modular kitchen is going to be one such trendy trends that will continue for the year to come. Let us see some of the most loved colour combinations below and also the modular kitchen designs.

Red and brown combination

The perk of modular kitchen is that you get a chance to play with different elements. So to add a punch to your cooking place, choose the red colour of your modular storage furniture. It will look great with wooden cabinets. This is a simple and interesting style that adds contemporary as well as a modern touch to your place.

Neutrals of white and wood finish

If you want a contemporary and calming aura for your kitchen, play with different shades of white with wooden contrast. This is clean and adds an uncluttered touch to your cooking place. For this idea, you can go for L-shape design and traditional modern furniture.

Compact and contemporariness

The combination of compact and contemporary design looks very neat and homely. For this style, you can choose U-shaped touch and separate different elements of your kitchen. This will add vibrant effects to your compact space. This design will help you to get welcoming vibes and extra storage space.

Advanced look with grey and woody vibes

Most of the German modular kitchens have a grey and woody look because of its sparkly touch. These colours have a unique touch. To follow this theme, build cooking, storage and preparation space near the walls and play with wooden flooring. This minimalistic look will maintain its gracefulness. Minimalistic ceiling lights will make it look even better.

White Sculptural modern kitchen

The white design gives the feeling of a bigger and uncluttered space. This keeps your kitchen look neat and expensive. You can follow this theme by getting up and down shelves in white colour and equipping LED lights in the cabinet itself. This will make your kitchen look brighter. You can even keep base and flooring woody.

The Incredible Do-Double Duty Kitchen

Build your kitchen in the U-shape and let it do double work. You can build a countertop and use it as a dining space. Adding accessories in these kitchens is very easy, so play with it. This kind of planned kitchens can give you better cooking and storing space.

Full-size storage with L-shape kitchen in contemporary colour

While choosing modular storage furniture for your kitchen, make sure to choose it in L-shape and contemporary colour. The full-size storage will maintain its average look. You can have the wall touching panels for this design. This creative design will look amazing in your home.

Dining Board counter blended with Counter

A lot of kitchens nowadays having a dining space inside the kitchen itself. It helps in maintaining easiness. But when the eating counter is blended with the countertops, it becomes a contemporary design. You will enjoy its well-organized and utilizable look.

Designing a kitchen is not rocket science. But when you want to make it look different, you have to combine modernity with contemporariness. So try the above-given ideas and make your kitchen space look better.

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