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The MSP sector is intimately correlated with the IT sector in terms of improvements. MSPs adapt, making adjustments to their management procedures, technology framework, and operational procedures to continue in business and stay one step ahead of their rivals. MSPs are chosen because of their proficiency with technology.

In the technological age, MSPs are evolving into a progressively crucial aspect of organizations’ IT infrastructures. Here are some statistics concerning the MSP sector:

  • Managing service contracts have replaced the old break-fix approach in 59% of IT services.
  • 42% of businesses use extra security tools to safeguard their cloud-based data and apps.
  • A managed security service provider will be partnered with about 45% of the enterprises.

The MSP environment in 2022 will oscillate between thrill and danger as a result of this natural shift and epidemic disruption.

Let's examine all the current developments that are upending the managed services industry, including cloud services, IoT, outsourcing, and hyper-converged infrastructures.


The majority of large businesses have learned that their internal cloud migration teams are not self-sufficient. It is rather difficult to keep up with the electronic sector's ever-increasing disruptions. Additionally, the majority of small firms are unable to invest in the same internal support services that bigger enterprises can. As a result, outsourcing has emerged as MSPs' top growth industry.

Regardless of the risk that data security flaws will continue to present, 78 percent of businesses throughout the world are confident in their outsourcing relationship firms. It demonstrates how the MSP trend or pattern of outsourcing is still widely used in the business sector. Thus, outsourcing might be employed by MSPs to capture a significant market share.


Every area of the IT sector has been impacted by the cloud computing business. It's growing in popularity day by day as even the tiniest businesses aspire to be known across the world. Furthermore, the cloud is the sole way to provide managed services from almost anywhere.

Cloud computing is already being utilized to build new platforms that will accelerate the digital revolution and benefit organizations in many ways.

Due to a lack of available talent and weak internal infrastructure, the majority of businesses are unable to move their business operations to cloud platforms. Businesses may employ this technology effectively and affordably in their operations with the aid of MSPs, or managed service providers.


The adoption of automation is happening at the same rate as cloud technology or outsourcing. Automation is transforming the IT sector by assisting businesses in reducing tedious, repetitive operations like data movement across systems.

IT teams are becoming more effective thanks to straightforward, rule-based automated processes. This frees up labor for other important duties and cuts down on human mistakes and resolution time.

MSPs with experience in automation may significantly improve business operations within organizations (such as travel, HR, finance, and marketing) and increase revenue.

Hyper-converged Infrastructure:

A hyper-converged infrastructure can be a unification of a company's infrastructure, and it will run on pre-made commercial services. It integrates computation, networking, and storage to provide a comprehensive, ready-to-use system. This enables the organization to expand more quickly and prepare for digitalization.

On a fundamental level, a hyper-converged framework comprises virtual networking, virtual processing, and virtual SAB. However, setting up this infrastructure is also a difficult process that calls for both caution and knowledge.

An organization can get support for installing a hyper-converged infrastructure from an MSP or managed service provider. They can create and install a unified infrastructure that streamlines their business processes thanks to the expertise of their staff, which comprehends the company's present and future demands.

Heightened Security:

According to Juniper Research statistics, cybercrime has cost businesses around the globe trillions of dollars. 2019 has seen losses of almost $2 trillion. Thus, regardless of the size of the organization, cyber security has become a top concern. We recognize that managed security services will have an essential role in this situation.

Businesses must safeguard their IT infrastructure in light of the continuous increase in cyberattacks. They must positively detect the touchpoints that provide the most risk of breach, devise solutions to protect them, implement those solutions, and then continuously check them for leakage.

A corporation has to have the right skill set to apply these security measures and build up a backup plan. Unfortunately, the majority of small-to-medium-sized businesses face a big obstacle: a constrained IT budget. Because of it, they are unable to implement the essential security protocols for their infrastructure.

Organizations receive help from managed security service providers who secure their infrastructure. Additionally, managed security services continually monitor and improve security protocols and laws, defend, and assist businesses in swiftly recovering from intrusions.

IoT and Blockchain:

According to IoT Analytics' forecast, there will be 10 billion linked devices in 2022. And it is expected to peak at 22 billion by 2025.

Companies must, however, have the necessary skill sets if they want to exploit IoT and Blockchain technology; otherwise, it will be a hassle. It takes a lot of time and is ineffective to hire people with an in-depth understanding of these developing technologies.

With this research serving as evidence that IoT is a hot topic, it is obvious that an MSP will play a significant role in helping businesses adopt these cutting-edge technologies to remain competitive in the future market. Additionally, firms may identify knowledge gaps to enhance strategies across pertinent cloud-based company activities by working with a top-notch MSP.

Wrapping Up:

As you can see, a new generation of rapidly Managed Service Providers or MSPs like Aegis Softtech is developing, one that is quick to respond to evolving demands and specializes in improving any existing services or products to propel a business on its development trajectory.

Aegis Softtech, a Java development company, will cover the needs for software, networks, gear, and personnel. Additionally, we offer increased peer-to-peer networking, cutting-edge tools for managing big environments quickly, and automation of administrative processes and data center operations.

Therefore, it is clear that MSPs will keep influencing innovation and affect the destiny of both clients and organizations.

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