Best Touring Motorcycles for Vietnam’s Terrain

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There are many reasons why riding a motorbike is thought to be more ideal than other vehicles when traveling in a location or a country. Among them, we've found the two most basic reasons that include deeper exploration, such as food tours or trips to local areas, and terrain.

If you notice, Vietnam tourism is also very popular with this type of vehicle, and both of the above reasons explain this.

Consequently, if you are planning to travel to Vietnam, prepare some vital information in advance about the best touring motorcycles for a trip here. There are several motorbikes favored by foreign tourists, and all of them will be listed in this article, not only about the features but also the price or rental fee, etc.

Let’s dive into it!

Why ride a motorbike in Vietnam?

Deeper exploration

What happens when you're on the road and suddenly find a rare scene, or seemingly delicious street food? Of course, stop for a while to enjoy it, right?

However, this will be impossible if you take a passenger car, plane, or train. So you are recommended to join a motorcycle adventure in Vietnam that will give you more opportunities to explore every attraction along the way to the fullest.


Vietnam, like many other Asian countries, has a variety of terrains, including plains, coastal areas, and mountains. That's why you'll need a versatile, powerful, and compact vehicle to take you anywhere. In this case, a motorbike would be the most ideal choice.

However, because some areas in the country have terrains that are quite rugged and difficult to go, choose the best touring motorcycles in the four motorbikes below to make your trip safe and fast.

Best touring motorbikes for riders for Vietnam terrain

Honda CRF250LVersatile, interesting, and practical is what we can describe this motorbike. Of all motorcycle manufacturers in Vietnam, Honda is considered one of the most famous brands. Honda products are also known for their durability and low fuel consumption. Yet, they are not appreciated compared to other famous brands in appearance.

However, this model is quite expensive. Therefore, it will be more economical for you to choose to rent the motorbike rather than buying a used one.

Suzuki DR-Z400

If you prefer small models, then you should not ignore this best touring motorcycles from the Suzuki brand. It is a supermoto, so it is more compact than the Honda CRF250L, and of course, it will be much lighter.

Although the motorbike has a small engine, it is still powerful enough to help you conquer remote and dangerous roads with a giant shock absorber system and huge swing arm. Besides, despite its compact look, it is still suitable for taller people. And another plus point is that this vehicle will also help you save pretty much gasoline costs.

In terms of prices, it is quite expensive for backpackers. Therefore, if you have a trip for one or two weeks, we recommend renting this motorbike from reputable agents such as BM Travel Adventure. This is one of the familiar units that specialize in providing foreign tourists in Vietnam with various models of motorcycles and 4x4 vehicles, including both Suzuki DRZ400 and Honda CRF 250L.

Honda CG 125

One of our favorite things about this motorbike is how classic it looks. If you choose this model, you will feel like returning to the 80s-90s.

When it comes to appearance, it is quite prominent with the design of a typical square lamp system. The fuel tank and saddle are similar. Saddle height is moderate, so it can fit everyone.

But why is Honda CG 125 considered the best touring motorcycles here? That's thanks to a reasonable price, low gasoline consumption, and the Baga in the back, convenient for carrying more belongings on long trips.

Honda XR150

The last option on our list, again, is a member of the Honda family. It is a small displacement motorbike but it is much cheaper than the Honda CRF250L. Therefore, if you are looking for a strong vehicle at a reasonable price, then this one will be your best bet.

Additionally, it is also considered to be quite attractive and has many outstanding features, such as compact size, flexibility, just enough cylinder capacity, and fuel economy, to be able to operate perfectly in multiple terrains.

Choosing the best touring motorcycles is essential for you to have the most enjoyable and convenient experience. Not only does it help you move to any place you want but it also saves money and gives you a sense of conquest.

Therefore, choose the models that we have introduced, which best suit you based on the terrain you will go through, the price as well as its appearance. And you will not encounter any trouble along the way.

Lastly, we are always ready to assist if you have anything to ask about Vietnam motorbike tours. So don't hesitate to do so. Please like and share the guide with others if it’s useful for your trip. Thank you.

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