Best Practices for Excellent Varicose Vein Laser Treatment

Best Practices for Excellent Varicose Vein Laser Treatment

Use of lasers for the treatment of varicose veins is among the most effective methods in operation today. These can be simple lasers or endovenous lasers. Their main difference is the deepness at which they work. Endovenous lasers are used for deep larger veins, but simple lasers are used for more superficial veins. Both practices work by sealing off the faulty veins.

Other methods that are used to treat the condition are surgery, sclerotherapy, intense light therapy, and the wearing of compression stockings. However, certain factors are required to be met in order for the treatment process to be efficient. These are many, but we are going to look at just a few.

How to Increase the Effectiveness of Varicose Vein Treatment?

Avoid exposure to sunshine one week before and after the treatment 

Sun contains ultraviolet rays, and these are potential causes of skin cancer. A laser makes the skin more sensitive and thus after treatment; the skin can get burned easily by sun heat. Exposing your skin to the sun can also cause tanning, this will make the skin to be more sensitive to heat and increase the chances of getting burnt or else compromise the quality of laser treatment.

Space the treatment sessions for four to six weeks apart

Laser treatments increase skin sensitivity to heat. There are also some other risks associated with the use of the lasers such as burning and inflammations. The skin requires some time to go back to its normal state and thus requires 4-6 weeks. It is also practically impossible to use a laser on the skin for prolonged periods since they operate under the principle of heat.

Use lasers with a cooling system

Varicose vein treatment by use of lasers is achieved by putting the damaged area under maximum exposure to heat. Overexposure will result in skin burns. Cooling devices are used parallel with the laser, before the laser treatment, or even after treatment to avoid such conditions. A cooling tip or cold air can be used to bring down the temperatures of the area being treated.

Use local anesthetic

These are gels and oils that are used to reduce the pain and discomfort associated with the use of lasers. The surface of the skin is required to be smooth and moist in order for optimum results to be achieved. Though these anesthetic creams can increase the cost of the treatment, it is easier to administer treatment in an area where the cream is applied.

Use laser goggles

Despite the fact that most lasers use rays of light rather than beams, there are always risks of the rays straying to the untargeted areas. The worst area a ray from a laser can cause damage are the eyes.  It is advisable to wear protective goggles that are meant to block the harmful rays from the lasers.

Why you should consider a laser in comparison to other varicose vein treatments

  • The downtime associated with the treatment is almost none. You can get back to normal activities immediately after having a treatment.
  • Compared to the other methods it is the one that causes the least damage to the surrounding tissues and cells. 
  • Varicose vein laser treatments can be used even on the sensitive parts of the body like the face or chest.
  • Compared to stripping and incisions, it is less painful and friendlier on the skin.

Wrap up

Varicose vein treatment by use of lasers is among the most used methods. Many reasons make people prefer it despite the fact that it is more expensive than most other methods. Among them are the pain level and the almost zero downtime associated with it. However, irrespective of all those, the main determinant factors of the results are the qualification of the physician and the laser machine used. 

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