Know What’s Lip Gloss & Why It Is Important For You To Use For Lips

Lip Gloss
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Who doesn’t fancy a high-shine gloss moment? It instantly elevates your look by 10X – whether you’re donning a clean-cut office get-up or a runway-worthy silhouette. That’s right,  a single swipe of the wand ensures the glistening formulation hugs the pout for a refined, put-together beauty moment. Need we rally anymore for this beauty staple?

Evergreen in every sense, a lip gloss has been a fixture in vanities galore – spanning across decades. However, if you are new to this product, we have got you covered. Scroll further for everything you should know about this novelty of the ‘90s!

What’s a Lip Gloss?

A lip gloss is a beauty staple created with an emollient base, which allows the formula to glide without resistance on the pucker. Its main functionality is to create a shiny pucker in varying finishes, ranging from reflective to vinyl.

What Lip Gloss Should You Pick?

There is a bevvy of lip gloss formulations available in the market! While opting for a new lippy for your vanity, you must analyse the product against the following parameters.

1.  Finish: As touched upon briefly, a lip gloss can boast a variety of finishes.

Pick a formulation based on your preference – mirror-like shine, blurry glow, or vinyl finish.

2. Colour Payoff: Some lion glosses in the market are delicately tinted and stain the pucker just enough. According to beauty experts, nude lip glosses are quite the rage in 2023.

3. Feel of The Product: Regardless of the finish and colour payoff, you must pick a lip gloss which sits on the lips comfy. The formulation (of your choice) shouldn’t feel icky or greasy at any point in the day.

4. Plumping Effect: Several lip gloss formulations possess a slight plumping effect. If you wish to flaunt a full, voluminous pucker, invest in a lip-enhancing formula with a sheer finish.

5. Hydrating and Nourishing Formula: An increasing number of lippies are created for the evolved consumer of ’23 (and beyond), as skinfication of makeup takes over the beauty scene. These hybrid glosses not only ensure a shimmery pout but also help optimise your pout health. Often infused with the humectants like hyaluronic acid or glycerine, the multitasking glosses keep the lips hydrated, supple, and smooth around the clock.

How to Make The Best of Your Lip Gloss?

Now that we have mastered the basics of lip gloss, here’s how you can make the best out of this beauty staple. Scroll further for our guide.

1. Scrub Your Lips: Meticulously scrub your lips before going all out with the gloss. This step removes all the dead, dried-up skin cells from the pucker, ensuring a smooth, supple surface.

2. Apply Lip Balm: To ensure that your lippy glides without friction, add a thin, even layer of your favourite lip balm. The nourishing and hydrating blend of balm also prevents your lips from drying out on prolonged wear. If you wish to venture out (in the sun), try an SPF-imbued variant.

3. Contour With Liner: If you are a fan of a snatched, plump lip look – grab a lip liner with a tone or two deeper than your colour. Next, draw a small cross at the cupid’s bow and extend this contour on either side. Ensure to use a light hand for a natural-looking appeal. A lip liner also ensures that your lipstick/gloss formulation doesn't smudge or smear from the ends. Pro tip: to add to your lip look’s longevity, colour the surface area of your pucker with the liner before summoning your gloss.

4. Gloss It Up: Now, bust out your choicest gloss and apply it generously on the pucker for a headline-grabbing moment. Your gloss may be tinted or clear, whatever you fancy. However, if you wish for an intense colour payoff, skip to the next step.
Wear Your Lip Colour: Add a single swipe of your favourite lipstick (depending on your mood or occasion). Once this hue is on and even, follow up with a thin layer of your gloss for a high-shine finish that is bound to turn many heads.

Parting Thoughts

A lip gloss is evergreen – a fixture in vanities across generations. The formulation binds to your pucker, ensuring a blinding shine which is bound to turn many heads. There are several finishes and tinted variants of this market to help you slay any avatar. Be it a high-powered glam look for festivities or a sombre, clean-cut look for the office!

This beauty staple has also gone through an evolutionary series over the years. Catering to the conscious consumer of today, the market is inundated with hybrid lippies – a.k.a lip glosses that shine to the pucker while ensuring optimal health. These glosses are imbued with humectants like hyaluronic acid or glycerine that seal moisture into the lips, making them look soft, supple, and shimmery.

If you wish to create a snatched lip look, start by exfoliating your pucker. Once through, add a thin layer of a satiating balm to prevent chapped lips. Now, use a liner to draw a light-handed contour of your lip. Follow this with a generous coat of lip gloss and voila, you’re good to go! 

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