Are Online Dating Platforms Eliminating Marriage from our Culture?

Are Online Dating Platforms Eliminating Marriage from our Culture?
Anthony Salvador

In a 2012 study, it was found that the internet has created more options for people to find love, especially for those who are middle-aged or have a non-straight sexual orientation. Their “thin market” has been widened and it has become easier for them to find potential partners.

However, the big question here is that whether the marriages resulting from online dating last longer or not? While most of the studies consider such marriages to be stronger and long-lasting, there are a few researches which have found opposite results.

Promoting Stronger and More Diverse Marriages

As people get anxious about the long-term potential of dating apps, the research suggests that such tools are actually helping people in finding their happily ever after. The economists Josue Ortega and Philipp Hergovichcarried out a study to examine the effects of online dating on relationships and marriage.

“When I came across the statistic that one-third of marriages start online, and 70% of gay relationships, I was shocked,” said Ortega. “And the more I talked to people, the more I heard that they’d met their partners on Tinder and other sites.”

Fading of the Romantic Passion

The harsh reality is that one-third of the marriages do not make it to their silver jubilee anniversary. A German philosopher of the 1800s, Friedrich Nietzsche, understood that romantic passion evaporates with time and thus, he suggested that marriage should be banned for the couples who are in an initial phase of their relationship.

A group of Italian scientists conducted a research in which they discovered that neuropeptides – molecules related to the euphoria of love – return to their natural levels within 1 to 2 year of being in a romantic relationship. Thus, feeling less intensity in love after a certain time is normal and this has nothing to do with online dating.

Do Americans Really Want to Get Married?

In the current times, we see that fewer Americans are tying the knot but this doesn’t mean that they do not want to get married. Although the median American age for marriage has reached an all-time high (27 for women and 29 for men), this doesn’t mean that they have lost their belief in the bond of marriage.

People delay marriage mainly because of the expenses and the responsibilities which come with it. The people of America are already stuck in car loans and college tuition finances so they hardly find time to save for their marriage. When the time comes for them to get married, they have already surpassed the supposed ideal age for getting married.

Reliability of Online Platforms

While there might be some apps or websites where you might be lured into false relationships but this can be avoided by only using reliable platforms. Moreover, if the website is demanding a certain payment in exchange for its services, that also helps in strengthening the credibility of the website.

By paying only a small amount because of tremendous deals on Online4love, you can set up a profile on a well-reputed platform and find yourself love in the right direction. By hovering through random dating apps and platforms, you will only find yourself in trouble and undesirable situations.

The Bottom Line

The final analysis of online dating platforms reveals that they do tend to yield superior romantic outcomes as compared to other means. These websites and apps are doing something right and by relying on them, you open new doors of happiness and successful relationships for yourself.

Studies by Stony Brook University revealed that as long as you don’t include the obsessiveness of early phase in your relationship, the couple is going to spend some quality and really long time together.

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