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Tulsi is a magical herb. It is also known as the queen of herbs. From ancient times, most of the Hindu families worship tulsi plant and has great significance. Having a tulsi plant in the home is the best way to get rid of negative energies around you. This plant is loaded with a huge amount of health benefits. Tulsi plant works effectively in healing asthma and diabetes. Tulsi herb has the property to purify the air. This is an aromatic herb which is native to Southeast Asia. Tulsi is a multiple branched subshrub and has hairy stems, green leaves that are strongly scented. It is known as an adaptogen

According to Ayurveda

In ancient Ayurveda, medicines prepared from the extract of tulsi herb have many uses. The essential oils present in tulsi plant act on the respiratory system and treat asthmatic conditions. It is a good source of oxygen. Tulsi is a rich antioxidant which helps in fighting diabetes and high blood pressure. This herb purifies impure blood and prevents several common ailments.

Tulsi is loaded with a bundle of beneficial properties like it is antibiotic, antibacterial, antiviral, antioxidant, anti-carcinogenic. This herb is loaded with vitamin A, vitamin C, phytonutrients and essential oils. Tulsi is used in respiratory problems, cardiac diseases, gynecological disorders, skin disorders, fever, insect bite etc. This herb is known as the healer of all diseases.

The leaves of this plant are used for infections in the mouth. The leaves of tulsi are packed with essential oils that produce eugenol, methyl eugenol, and caryophyllene which collectively act on pancreatic beta cells so that they function properly. This helps in increasing the sensitivity to insulin which lowers the blood sugar level and treats diabetes

Top 10 Health Benefits of Tulsi (Holy Basil)

  1. Tulsi seeds are used to control blood sugar level. In the initial stage of diabetes, the decoction of seeds is used in controlling blood sugar level. So drink this decoction daily. Nutritionally these seeds contain minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates, and fats.
  2. Tulsi leaves are used for the treatment of respiratory disorders such as cold, cough, asthma, bronchitis, influenza. An asthmatic patient can consume juice of tulsi leaves with black pepper every day to get rid of a cough. Chew leaves of tulsi as it is good in cold and flu conditions. For a chronic cough and cold one should take a mixture of basil leaves, mint, and black pepper 30ml twice a day. For dry cough use mixture of tulsi leaves, ginger and onion juice.
  3. The juice of tulsi herb is used for skin disorders and ringworm infections. This is a most beneficial herb for leucoderma.
  4. Tulsi leaves are very beneficial in cardiac diseases. This herb acts as a heart tonic. The fresh juice of tulsi leaves enhances blood circulation. The eugenol component present in tulsi lowers the blood pressure level and lowers cholesterol levels.
  5.  The herbal tea made from tulsi leaves, neem leaves, ginger powder and long pepper helps in the treatment of fever, dengue, and malaria.
  6. Drinking tulsi juice along with honey for six months helps to remove kidney stones. This juice prevents the formation of calcium oxalate in the kidneys.
  7. Eating 12 leaves of tulsi per day reduces stress. The leaves of tulsi herb work as an anti-stress agent or adaptogen.
  8. Tulsi prevents cancer as it contains phytochemicals which increase the immunity of a person. This herb prevents the blood vessel growth that leads to cancer cell growth, it induces cancer cell growth. This herb also heals the damage caused by radiation treatment in the cancer patient and protect their bodies from radiating poisoning.
  9. Apply a paste of tulsi and sandalwood on the forehead to get relief from a severe headache. The dried powder of tulsi leaves eases a headache and migraine when inhaled.
  10. Tulsi is used for stomach problems in different ways. Make a decoction of basil leaves, ginger, honey and salt and take this mixture for two weeks as it is beneficial in acute stomach problems. Tulsi leaves also act on stomach ulcers so you can chew these leaves.

Healthy Tips

  • Make a juice of basil leaves add lime juice and ginger to it consume this as it is beneficial in stomach-ache.
  • When hyperacidity leads to weakness in body than you can take tulsi seeds boiled in water to overcome this problem.

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