8 Popular Modular Kitchen Design Concepts for Small Kitchens


When they say, ‘size doesn’t matter’, it applies in all its manifestations. Who said small-sized kitchens cannot be modified to look spectacular? Of course, not everyone has huge kitchens with plenty of storage space, but you need not settle for less.

Modular kitchen design concepts come as a sigh of relief for small kitchen owners as it offers substantial storage space whilst looking clean and neat. A messy kitchen is the worst nightmare and is definitely not a pleasant visual, but that’s where modern kitchen designs and creativity can amplify the look and appeal of your small kitchens. 

If you have a small kitchen in your apartment, it’s time to jazz it up with some popular kitchen design concepts that ooze out modernistic styles while also being functional. Check them out right here:

1. Multiple Cabinets

Modern kitchen designs for small-size kitchens make great use of multiple cabinets that are great for extra storage space. These cabinets go as high as the roof that allows you to stack on ration supplies for future use as well. If this isn’t genius, what is?

Choosing a white cabinet makes the kitchen look larger and aesthetically pleasing, so opt for white cabinets to revamp your kitchen interior design.

2. Kitchen Mirrors

Mirrors add depth and make small places appear larger. This can be beneficial as they are easy to install, and you won’t have to make any changes to transform the look of your small-sized kitchen. 

3. Pot Racks

Ran out of holders? No worries, this hack has got you covered. Pot racks hanging from the roof unclutter the mess so finely, it doesn’t even feel like a small kitchen. They look beautiful, like a chandelier for your kitchen, all the while being a spot-on holder. Multi-purpose is the way to go for modern kitchen designs.

4. Open Shelves

Say goodbye to the mammoth task of repeatedly opening and closing cabinet doors using just one tiny spoon. Open shelves are a revolution, for they assist you in ways you could only wish to have. Having so much comfort in a small-sized kitchen might seem like a dream, but with the open-shelf kitchen design, you can easily stack all your kitchen utensils and ingredients. 

5. Chromatic Intensity of Colours

There’s been a trend of using saturated colours to bring out the liveliness of your small-sized kitchen. It highlights the corners of the kitchen, making it look vivid and bright. Choosing colours with high chromatic intensity can redefine your kitchen interior design

6. Induction Stove

Using electric cooktops and induction stoves reduces the space needed to prepare meals. This is a modern kitchen design concept that is relevant and apt for small-sized kitchens. Not just that, it is also more efficient than gas cooktops. In addition, with reduced heat escaping into the atmosphere, it makes a small-sized kitchen cooler. 

7. A ‘Steel’ Deal

The silvery shine of stainless steel has a lustrous effect which makes a small kitchen design seem desirable. It radiates a metallic sheen, which is a very trendy and modern look for a small-sized kitchen

8. ‘Copper’ation

Metallic tones have taken the interior design world by storm. Copper shelves give a rustic vibe and are a perfect match for modular kitchen design. The gold-toned pop of colour adds definition to small kitchens. 

Bookmark these modern kitchen design concepts that will surely make you feel proud of your small kitchens. For proper execution of these concepts, trust reliable brands like Livspace who offer 8000+ stellar products that you can choose from. You can also book a free consultation and connect with one of their 1,500+ interior design experts. So visit their website today and get started on your small kitchen makeover!

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