8 Benefits of a Good Landing Page From an Internet Marketing Campaign

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A landing page or “lander” is somewhat different from a website.

Specifically, it’s a page that users are directed to through a link from another source, such as a social media post or email.

The purpose of a landing page is to convert visits to leads, usually by enticing users to exchange data for information.

In other words, this means getting your visitors to fill out a quick form with their email address, name, phone number and possibly some demographic info in exchange for a free ebook, free tips and ideas, or similar.

For a landing page to be really effective, however, it should be properly tailored for the audience. Your landing page should be simple, enticing, and optimized to drive visitors to a specific action, like filling out a form.

For a landing page that is well designed in this regard, below are 8 benefits you can expect to derive.

1. Collecting Important Data and Insights

A landing page that has visitors fill out a short form will give you a lot of insight into the market you’re reaching.

By shaping your questionnaire to the information you want, you can collect accurate and useful data on visitors of your page.

You’re also better able to capture the data of each click-through so you know where your leads are coming from and also determine which channels generate the most leads so that you can adapt your marketing accordingly.

2. Supports Your Business Goals

Closing more sales, reaching a new niche market, promoting a new product or expanding your customer base; A good landing page can help with all of these.

You can adapt your lander to a specific goal or target audience and measure the success of the goal in question.

By designing your lander to encourage a specific action to be taken by visitors, be it a purchase, newsletter subscription or providing contact info, you can use this to help meet your business goals.

3. Increases Conversions

A conversion the move from a call to action to the action itself. In this case, encouraging visitors to your landing page to give their contact details, subscribe or make a purchase is a call to action -- while actually having them do so is the conversion.

Landing pages increase conversions by minimizing distractions and making it as easy and enticing as possible for users to follow through on the action.

More conversions mean more sales and more business success, which is great for your business.

4. Improves Paid Advertising Results

Paid search engine marketing involves bidding to have your link higher in the engine’s results when people search specific keywords.

If your link directs them to your company website, you will generate some leads, but users may not immediately find what they’re looking for.

Directing them instead to a specific landing page tailored to their search means they will find exactly what they’re looking for.

If your landing page is well designed, optimized with a good landing page theme, and is also relevant to the user’s needs, users will take more interest and easily follow through with any call to action on the page.

This will, in turn, aid a successful and stress-free conversion from your potential customers.

5. Grow Your Email List

A common function of landing pages is lead generation. A landing page may contain a form, or a link to a form, which asks for the users’ contact info.

This will likely include their name, phone number, and email address. By collecting their email addresses, you can then add them to your ever-growing database.

Many landing pages have an “opt-in” option so that users can subscribe to newsletters, promos, sales, and announcements.

These in themselves are potential lead generators, and you can include links to other landing pages. Regular communication will also keep your brand and products fresh in the minds of potential customers.

6. Increases Your Credibility

Making your users’ course of action clear and easy gives the sense that your landing page was created with them specifically in mind.

This makes your users feel understood and valued, makes you as a company more relatable and improves your credibility.

You can further increase your credibility by adding testimonials to your lander. Reading about the success other people have had with your product or service will make people more likely to trust it and to want it.

7. Bump Your SEO Results

Search Engine Optimization improves your “natural” rank in a search engine. Also known as earned results, essentially it’s the results you haven’t paid for.

Having a landing page with organic content - content that’s original and doesn’t exist in several other places on the web - will definitely improve your rankings.

8. Improve Brand Awareness

When you create your landing page, make sure the look, feel, style and content are relevant to the content that links to it.

If a user clicks through to your landing page and finds something similar to content they have already seen and are already comfortable with, they’ll be more likely to stay, read on and follow through with any call to action.

Give users more opportunity to recognize and engage with your brand by keeping your content and branding consistent across all forms of media.

This way, when they arrive at your landing page, they’ll be familiar with your brand and more likely to engage.

Customers are far more likely to buy a product from or use the services of a company they’re already familiar with, so having them remember your brand is essential.

Your landing page can link through from a Facebook campaign, an email newsletter, or a pay-per-click ad.

Whatever the case, make sure your lander is relevant to the content the user has just arrived from.

Tailor your landing page to accommodate and encourage a specific action and make it as easy as possible for the user to follow through.

Use simple forms to gather essential data from visitors, so that you can keep accurate records and send them further communications.

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