7 Ways Quote-to-Cash Software Streamlines Businesses

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With quote-to-cash software (Q2C and QTC are also common monikers), your sales team can enjoy fast end-to-end processes in a closed system. Sales quote software and configure price quote (CPQ) software are hallmarks of sales departments when a business needs fast, accurate, and highly competitive price quotes. However, the majority of businesses haven’t embraced quote-to-cash software yet, even though some of the bigger companies might greatly benefit from it.

Once configured via your company’s customization preferences, all it takes is a single click to get an instant price quote. Q2C software is a dream for larger businesses, those with a big inventory, companies with numerous locations, and businesses that are very fast-paced with customers expecting instant data. Ultimately, Q2C software can streamline your business. Here’s how:

  1. It’s truly intuitive. An effective member of a sales team has both an innate talent and has honed his or her experience for several years. They’re not expected to be tech gurus and they don’t need to be with quality Q2C software. User-friendly with a very shallow learning curve, it’s simple to implement this software into any existing business. “Streamlined” shouldn’t mean “once you get the hang of it.” It should be immediate.
  2. Error elimination. “We’re only human.” It’s true, and it’s natural for humans to make mistakes, especially when juggling thousands of numbers in front of an impatient customer. Q2C software is a truly full-scale answer that eliminates human error. When you take costly and minor mistakes out of the equation, it’s easy to see your business flourish.
  3. It’s all automated. You don’t need to babysit Q2C software or worry about manually typing in “just a few details.” Reputable software is wholly automated, offering a “set it and forget it” approach. This is exactly what busy sales teams need: The equivalent of a personal assistant to number crunch for them.
  4. The competition is watched for you. Deciding on the right price requires variant factors including keeping up with what the competition is doing. Q2C software integrates competitor pricing and deals so that your sales team can be informed and have negotiating leverage.
  5. It integrates with other solutions. With Salesforce CPQ, you never have to worry about whether the software will work with other solutions you have or if it will incorporate well into future software purchases. Since there are updates in real-time, the entire sales team enjoys a suite of software solutions that work together (just like any department should).
  6. Sales members can focus on what matters. You hired each member of your sales team for their ability to connect with consumers, close the deal, and open and foster relationships. That skill set is incredibly difficult to find, and you can’t expect these valuable members to also flawlessly manipulate numbers. They don’t have the time for it, the best sales members might not be very good at it, and it takes away from time they could be spending closing and building relationships.
  7. It lets you get more mobile. In 2016, North Americans began using mobile devices rather than laptops or desktops for absolutely all online activity. Businesses are keeping pace, and sales teams are required to rely on their mobile devices when working with consumers at an increased rate. Q2C software is mobile-friendly, letting users take their go-to software with them to meet with clients and vendors.


Streamlining your business means saving time and money, two of the most valuable items of any business. Although every business manager knows streamlining is a must, it can still be intimidating to try new products. After all, if a solution proves to be too difficult or have too steep of a learning curve, time and money is wasted. Opt for a solution that’s user-friendly and comes with a free trial offer.

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