7 Things That Can Drastically Increase Your Property Value

property value

Many homeowners, especially in Australia, are wondering how they can increase their property value. Even if you are not interested in selling your house any time soon, it's good to know how to add value to your home. There are many things you can fix, renovate or add, but which ones are the main causes of its value going up? Take a look at some of the main things you should take care of before you start selling your house.

Fix Any Structural Issues

One of the best ways to add value to your house is to fix any issues that are on the outside of the house because those will drastically lower the value of your home. And there is no point of doing work on the inside of the house if the outside is in poor condition. 

These are some things to check and fix before starting the process:

  • a leaky roof
  • cracks on the walls
  • insect outbreak
  • missing and broken roof tiles
  • a collapsed floor

Make It More Efficient

Energy-saving features can have a considerable impact, especially in places that experience extreme heat like Australia.

Think about double-paned windows, upgraded attic insulation, LED lighting and some energy-efficient appliances as a really good way to increase your home's value.

If you’re willing to go all-in, invest in mounting solar panels on the roof. Although solar panels are a huge financial commitment, mounting them makes sense only if you’re thinking about increasing the value over a longer period and not looking for a quick boost in the value.

Fix And Update Electricity And Plumbing

Updating the electrics needs to be on the top of the list if the house has not been rewired for a long time. By adding more sockets and outlets will also raise the value or in some cases, it might be worth choosing nicer faceplates for sockets and switches. If you are doing a complete rewiring, take that opportunity to update the lighting and add extractor fans in the bathrooms.

Outdated pipes can get clogged and rusty, and that can lead to poor hot and cold flow, weird sounds and other noises at worst, it can lead to broken and leaking pipes. Having brand new pipes will help bring up the value.

Update The Kitchen

This may be the most important thing to fix up before selling a house. Before you start replacing the whole kitchen, consider the important things like its shape and layout and think about making any changes to space are needed.

Kitchen renovations don't have to be a large investment. Even small things like repainting the walls or getting new doors or countertops can have a big impact, as well as adding better lighting will make the kitchen the heart of the house.

Perfect Landscaping

Because Australia has such hot weather keeping your landscaping can get quite hard. Landscaping will transform the way your home is looked at, especially by possible buyers. 

If you are planning to live in your home for a while, having perfect landscaping will improve your quality of life, especially during the warmer months. But if you are planning to sell your home, it is better to hire a trusted landscape maintenance company, than trying to conquer the whole thing by yourself. 

A Bathroom Makeover

Having at least one shower per bathroom is always a plus. Replace the old and used sinks and toilets, especially if it is chipped stained or odd colour. You have to make sure that the floors are clean and sterile.

If you are redoing the floors choose vinyl or tiled floor tiles. But if you are not going to redo the flooring at least paint them with white tile paint. If you need to change the tiles, you can go over the old ones because removing tiles can be a hard and very time-consuming job. By just updating those things you will be able to sell the house for more than it's worth.

Replace Old Windows

Nowadays double-glazed windows are considered crucial when it comes to selling a house and this feature will most definitely add value to your property. But keep it in the style of the house because otherwise, you can decrease its value.

When old windows are being replaced, it should be done with the same looking ones although they need to be double-glazed to meet the current regulations, unless it's listed otherwise.

When you are thinking about adding to the value of your property you need to stay realistic. You need to be aware that the updates rarely compensate 100per percent of their cost, but they will make your family feel cozier and help your home sell somewhat faster. There are many options for improvements that will bring up the value of your home. Stay focused on energy efficiency and small upgrades that add personality to your home and coziness.

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