7 Helpful Travel Apps to Download Before You Go for Your Trip Overseas


Learn what you need to make your next tour abroad great. From language translation to itinerary planning, explore apps you need when traveling abroad.

Most people can agree that few things can match up to the wonder and breathtaking experience of traveling to fantastic destinations around the world. But whether you are a first-time traveler or it is your umpteenth time touring overseas destinations, it is always wise to plan for the journey you intend to embark on.

Today, tourists have embraced the convenience that technology provides. Instead of carrying maps, guidebooks and the like, having a smartphone or tablet can help you with most things you will need during your stay abroad. And downloading particular apps on your phone can make your travel experience smoother, and much more enjoyable.

In this article, we will explore seven must-have travel apps and why you should download them for your next trip.

Google Maps

Let’s start with the most common - Google Maps. The app is easy to use and has lots of travel features. Primarily created for navigation, Google Maps users can access any area’s map with just an internet connection. Users can also download any map for offline use.

Long gone are the days when people used to carry around maps, which if you misplaced on a solo trip could mess up your travel experience. With the app, you can move around easily and look up sites, restaurants, hotels and any other destinations you want to visit even if you don’t have an internet connection.

Find Google Maps on both Google Play and the App store for free.


Founded back in 2008, Airbnb connects people who would like to rent out their homes for short periods to tourists who are looking for accommodation in the area. Now with listings covering more than 81,000 cities around the globe, Airbnb offers a lot more than just a place to stay on your next trip.

The app also offers experiences and restaurants features. In some cities, you can also make restaurant reservations through Airbnb. Based on the location and planned travel dates, you can also search for experiences provided by hosts and experts. These can range from:

Bike rides
Cooking sessions at local restaurants
Forest tours
Photoshoots, etc.

This app is available on Android and iOS for free.


If you are traveling to a destination people don’t speak the same language that you do, there will, of course, be a communication barrier. In this case, a free online translator can prove to be invaluable. Translate.com is one such app which allows you to translate natural conversations in real time.

You can translate speech, text, and photos in over 100 language pairs. What sets this app apart from other translators is that it combines human translations with instant translations for higher accuracy and quality. Other features you will find on the app include language auto-detector via text input, audio output, 40,000+ translators, keyboard and handwriting input options.

Download it on iTunes or Play Store for a 30-day free trial.


A trip is not complete without trying out the local cuisine. To enjoy delicious cuisine while you are abroad, download Foodspotting, an app allows you to check out reviews and recommendations of restaurants and dishes from other app users. Unlike restaurant sites where meal descriptions can turn out to be misleading, the Foodspotting helps you find exquisite dishes and saves you from paying for mediocre ones.

The app has users from all over the world and is available on iOS and Android platforms.


Tripit has become very popular with travelers from all over the world. That’s because it helps travelers to track their itinerary without manually typing each detail easily. You can follow up on your flight, car rental, and hotel bookings all on your phone with this app. And you can even update and download your itinerary for offline use.

To create your travel itinerary automatically, register on the app, forward your reservations and travel bookings confirmation emails to Tripit and leave the rest to the app. It will build a master itinerary for you. You can download, print or share it as you like.

Tripit has both a free and paid version on iOS and Android.

XE Currency

XE Currency has stood the test of time as one of the best currency conversion applications out there. The app allows conversions to over 180 currencies around the globe. XE Currency uses real-time exchange rates, but you can download rates and use the app even when you are offline.

To use the app, choose different currencies you would like to convert to, pick the one you are using now and enter the amount. The amounts in all the currencies you had selected will show in one screen. It’s that quick and can save you cash when you are not familiar with the going exchange rates.

XE Currency is free on Android and iOS.


Need to keep track of your spending while you are overseas? Touring a foreign country comes with a lot of expenses, and you have to know how to plan your budget and costs. TravelSpend is a great app that allows you to input all your expenditure, and purchases. Aside from these functions, users can connect with other travelers on a similar trip.

Additional features include different spending categories, easy currency conversion, sync with the cloud option, and ability to configure budget and plan expenses. The app has a free and pro version.

You can download either version on Android and iOS.

Get the Most Out of Your Trip with These Apps

Want to save money, time and effort when organizing your next trip? Plan a hassle-free trip the next time you travel by having these apps on your phone or tablet. Share experiences with locals and other travelers, visit breathtaking sites, find affordable accommodation, and have a taste of the best cuisines in the world with these wonderful apps.

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